Sunday, March 29, 2020

Be Careful What You Wish For..

My Mom always said "Be careful what you wish for you just might get it." She was right! I have wanted to retire for some time now. But this was not what I had in mind. As of Friday the Governor ordered us to basically close. Part of me is happy, I would go to work and worry every day is this the day I get exposed? and the other part of me is like what! I need that constant in my life. 

On Tuesday morning when I got up we had 6 inches of new snow.

And by Friday it had melted and 50! We are no where near porch sitting weather. In fact today we have had rain and sleet with some snow expected over night 1 to 2 inches.
I have been baking it helps to me to relax. I am good for awhile but the minute I put the news on my anxiety gets going and then I don't sleep. But in the interest of not being an ostrich I try to get my news early in the day and let it be enough for the day.  

My husband has been so busy sprucing up the house.
I wish I had a before picture. We started out just wanting to paint to a gut job. But it looks so good! A gray color scheme with a black check curtain to bring all the grays together. 

We took out the tub shower combo to just a shower unit so much better!

So how do I plan on passing the time? Well old movies...

I started a new rug. ( I took out the seed)

I cleaned our bedroom Sat. It was loaded with dust from the bathroom renovation.My plan is to take a room at a time and clean it all. I do have quite a pile for the thrift store when they open back up.
*** And lastly
I get an email each Sunday from Joy the Baker
It has lots of wonderful things but this seemed very appropriate:
In one of my posts this week Suzy Parker was kind enough to help me switch my brain with a blog comment.  She left a comment with a “modality to get back to the present moment”.  I’ll leave it here for all of us.  The invitation is to read it through and call it up in your brain whenever you might need it. It’s a reset button to be sure.
Sit quietly and look around you for 5 things you can see and identify
Now identify 4 things you can hear
3 things you can feel
2 things you can smell
And 1 thing you can taste
Joy the Baker if you want to visit.
I wish you a healthy happy week!


Saundra said...

I've lived alone for about 11 years so this solitude is nothing new for me. I still see the beauty in the birds at the feeders, still enjoy rug hooking, watching TV, listening to music or just the silence. Its all good even now.

Must admit I should be cleaning out closets etc. but confess I wouldn't be doing that even before the declared self-distancing.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your new bathroom looks great !
I allow myself 30 minutes of covid 19 news each day. Enough.
Your peanut butter cup cookies look divine - so yummy, warm from the oven !

Chris Lally said...

Yes, a new reality for all of us. Happy to hear you are being so productive & not sitting around in your pajamas all day:) Love your bathroom project! We did the same thing with our shower a few years ago & still love it.
And thanks for the "present moment" exercise. I look forward to the first session a little later!
Hoping you have a healthy happy week, too!!

moosecraft said...

Congrats in finishing your new bathroom! I'm looking forward to some warmer days....maybe then this shelter is place will be easier! lol!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your bath re-do looks great...especially the shower conversion! I have to tackle the master bath at the lake house (ummm...currently mauve...really??!!) but would like it to be really fun and not sure where to begin. Does sound like you are keeping busy...I love cooking and baking...especially baking, but I am the only one who eats it and that's not a good idea LOL. I used to be able to send some things with my son, but he will be moving soon so that too will stop. Kristen Hannah!! I just finished "Magic Hour" by her and did enjoy it. I ordered "The Great Alone" but it won't ship until the end of April. Yikes....don't know if it's the virus thing or what, but now I'm panicking that I'm going to run out of books! Love what I see on your frame and looking forward to seeing more! Love the reset button too... Will remember this. Take care and stay calm and sane...and busy! Robin (PS...thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your comment...for some reason I did not get an actual email with the comment so I have no way of responding to it. I have that problem with comments left by one other blogger, but I have never had it with yours...Wish I could figure out why that is...and hoping it is not a blogger change of some sort phasing in....)

Prims By The Water said...

Your bath looks wonderful! We enjoy our walk in shower and am glad we took out our tub. I am working from home so no down time for me and thankful I am since we had to close both stores. Janice

yaya said...

Your bath looks great! We're going to be redoing our master bath this year. I would love to start on it but I'm still working and it doesn't look like it will get slower at the hospital. Once this virus is done our operating room will be slammed with all the cases that are on hold. I'm planning to go PRN (only work if they need me) in July but I think I'll be working more than I thought! Of course I can always say no but that's hard to do when I know how busy we'll be. Anyway, for now I'm hoping not to see any snow for this Spring. It was a mild winter and I'm spoiled I guess! Take care and enjoy the time at home.

Rugs and Pugs said...

The bath re-do is wonderful. I sure have no use for a bathtub and would love that huge shower!
Good luck with the cleaning. I have no desire to spring clean...not even do normal cleaning :) Living alone, I suppose if it really bothered me I would do!
Let me just say being laid off is not the same as being retired. I was laid off for a few months in 2007 (?). Being single and just getting my meager unemployment was very stressful. Retirement is (normally) a choice so ones frame of mind is totally different. I hope you enjoy your time at home. Just be safe and stay healthy!!!

Donna said...

The bathroom redo looks great..what hooking will you decorate with..I'm anxious to see.
Looking forward for this stay at home order to be over do we can get together.
Feels good to be back here in blogger world...thank you for supporting mine. Stay healthy and keep baking.

Judy said...

Your bathroom is tres chic!!
This "stay at home" order is no big deal to me and much like my normal life.
My car sits in the driveway for days or a week at a time, normally.
My neighbor's have often wondered, "How can you stand to stay home so much?"
Because it's quiet and relaxing. I live alone so I can do whatever I want or nothing at all.
Most of them are nearing the point of "going over the wall"!