Sunday, March 22, 2020

Locked In With Left Over Candy

As most of you know we usually host a very large Easter celebration at our house each year. About 30 family members attend and we have a large egg hunt for the kids. But sadly since that is not going to happen we have a large stash of candy that I bought left over from Valentine's trying to save money. YIKES! The good news I hate Twix and Kit Kats! 

The other good news is that I can walk and not bump into anyone near my house...

Three miles of just hearing the birds, the trees squeaking in the breeze, and the brook running.

Not even cows in the pasture.

This is a very old cemetery do you think if they could talk there would be some wise words of comfort they could impart? 

Just past this is a local farm that I have been buying eggs from for a couple of years now. This morning I went to get some eggs for my daughter and there was a line!!! What???( you actually knock on their house door and they bring the eggs, no farm store) There are no eggs in the stores here they have found my farmer. He could sell me one dozen to get me through. 
We took the hours drive one way to my daughter's house today to drop off all the Easter basket items that were dropped at my house for Sweet B and I added the few things that I got. We had books for Sweet B and a puzzle for them and some odds and ends plus the dozen eggs. We set it on their door step,waved to them from the windows and set off back home. My arms ached to hug them all especially sweet B.

Being a baker I always have supplies in the house when I heard rumors 2 or 3 weeks ago I added more supplies. So I have plenty.
So I made Golden Pita bread from King Arthur Flour. 

They came out pretty good if I do say so myself. 

A facebook friend made bacon wrapped dates. So I made Gorgonzola cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped figs very very good.

I made homemade breaded chicken tenders last night so with the left overs I made a large salad and warmed the chicken,put it on top of the salad. I chopped up a couple of left over dates on my salad voila delicious!

I have been cleaning out like most of you and I found a whole drawer of letters that our daughter wrote to us from sleep away camp with a few letters to the Easter bunny and Santa thrown in. It has given me a laugh and I take a picture of a funny letter once in awhile and send it to my daughter. Truly a snap shot of time and so sweet.
Just what we need in these times. 
I am still working but not sure for how much longer. Part of me is happy I am working but another part wants to go to bed and wake up when it is over. I hope you are all taking care and healthy.
Let me know what you are cooking or doing to pass the time. 
Stay well my sweet blog friends.


Saundra said...

Good heavens woman you've a second (or third) profession in the waiting.... an exclusive elegant Chef. So how many jobs do you want, eh?

Judy said...

I think hugs are the hardest thing to have to go without!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh man... I LOVE Kit Kats and Twix... I think KKs are one of my all-time favorites. I feel fortunate that I still have left over Halloween candy, but I've eaten the really good stuff already LOL. I was worried that would be the case with the eggs.... We have a neighbor who sells eggs and that is where I get mine. I don't get them often, but I was wondering how long it will be before they are beating down a door to her house. I don't understand's not like eggs have an indefinite shelf life. What the heck?? I have not ventured to the store after the fiasco last week, but my son stopped over briefly last night and said I shouldn't bother....the shelves are essentially empty. Oh will be a long while before I starve I'm sure...but I will miss the luxury of 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee...and milk....I love me my milk... But for the food thing, it's life for me pretty much as normal as I go nowhere other than medical appointments and to see my mum, and the former have been canceled and the latter isn't possible. Well, time to put this down and pick up my stitches.... Sunday Smiles ~ Robin (Stay safe!) said...

Nice pics! My hubby and I take long walks daily and we cook more. This weekend we used Zoom and talk to lots of family. The family connections made my day!

Hill Top Post said...

Yummy, you are making me want to be more creative with my cooking (seems I am doing a lot of it these days!) Not being able to see my kids and grands is about to kill me!

yaya said...

Your food looks so delish! I haven't been home enough to cook anything grand but today I'm not at the hospital and will be cleaning and catching up. I love Easter so much and I'm holding out hope we can have a celebration...hope springs eternal! Anyway, I'm going to decorate for Easter today too and maybe that will lift my spirits up too! You could use that candy to make a dessert of some kind I'm sure but then who's going to eat it all? You'll just have to keep up walking I guess! I've been walking all over our yard and woods to keep moving in the fresh air. Daffodils are pushing up even though it's been cold this weekend and some snow flurries. It's been raining so much but I loved seeing the sun yesterday for a change! Take care and stay healthy!

moosecraft said...

Long distance hugs to you and your hubby for having to sacrifice hugs from Miss B at this time! Never in a million years would I have thought that anything like this would happen here in the states, never mind worldwide! Keeping busy with baking, needlework and outdoors is the best we can do right now...I'm sure there is going to be a surge of parties when we are finally allowed to gather again! :-)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sure wish I liked to cook and bake. Both are 4 letter!
I wish I had to urge to clean and/or purge. It hasn't happened yet. I just seem to be frittering away my time as usual...sigh.
Be safe and stay healthy!!!
Long distance hugs :)

DM said...

Seriously...Pita that's going too far! Kidding! I am happy to be back on my blog
and doing all this cooking. They may need a wheelbarrow to get me out of here.