Sunday, March 1, 2020


Happy first day of March! What did you do on your bonus day this leap year? I spent the better part of it with my husband trying to get our bathroom order at Home Depot figured out. From them not calling us to tell us the order was in to sending the wrong things. Hopefully things are going to be ok now. We are redoing our bathroom upstairs and it is taking way longer than I would like.  But it will be nice when it is done.

I brought in my french Tarragon to winter over inside. I did not know if it would live but worth trying. It did! I roasted veggies and added bake chicken added the french tarragon in a puff pastry and I made a easy white sauce to go over it yummmmmmm 

Thursday  night is our night to go out. It was cold and the wind was blowing so we stayed in I grilled a steak made a salad and had popovers. Husband said he was glad we stayed in. 

This morning I was up early grating carrots etc for morning glory muffins. They are whole wheat loaded with carrots, apples, raisins, etc. we each had one for breakfast I wrapped them individually and froze them I will take one out the night before to throw in my lunch bag for work to go with my coffee. Then I wonder why I can't lose weight. I bake to relax and with all the news lately I am a bit stressed. Not so much for me but for my family. So to make me feel like I am doing something I have stocked my pantry for at least 3 weeks. Staying away from crowds and to just be happy at home.
I am very blessed to have a safe, comfortable home.

I also have been getting out for my walk. Even though it is icy right now and cold it feels so good to be in the fresh air.
And to walk off all that baking.
I have been hooking and I am coming to the end of the 3 risers I have been working on. I am going to start a larger rug that was gifted to me by a wonderful friend I will show that when it is underway.
Have a safe and healthy week. 


yaya said...

I can see why your hubby enjoyed staying home..YUM! I also bake to relax. I'm on a diet so I've cut down on it and if I do make something I leave a little at home for Jack and the rest goes to the break room at work..they don't mind at all! Now I just need to get out and walk. I have to drive into town to do any walking because our country road is too narrow and busy to do much walking. Enjoy your week and I hope March came in like lamb in your neck of the woods. I was glad we didn't fly to Florida this weekend as we were planning. I don't really want to be on a plane and catch any bugs!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I haven’t made morning glory muffins in a very long time. I like to add a generous handful of coconut to mine, too.
Hope your bathroom remodel is completed soon !

moosecraft said...

Mmmm.....steak, popovers and muffins! Homemade is best! :-)
I agree with getting outdoors....fresh air and some sunshine can cure quite a bit! 20 more days until Spring? :-)

Prims By The Water said...

Those muffins look so yummy! I am on a diet, so it it very hard for me right now to not want to eat dessert everyday. Our Leap Year day was a windy one as well. Guess March is kite flying time. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

Can't wait to see the risers all done!!!
I wish I liked to cook and/or bake, but those are four letter words as far as I am!

Kay G. said...

Hello! Just looking at your popovers and muffins make me very hungry!