Monday, July 2, 2018


We were invited to our sweet friends, to their home on the lake in Maine. 

To stay at their amazing property.

This is one of their guest cottages, who could refuse?

This is the other guest cottage sigh.. I wish I had gotten more pictures inside they are both filled with wonderful antiques, quilts and her needle point pillows and framed pieces. cozy and comfortable.

Again not enough pictures but this is the entrance to her cottage.

Her sweet cottage garden on the side of her house.
Then we were off to the families inn. They do not run it as an inn but they use it as a gathering place for family and friends. 

And their annual lobster and clam bake! That is a huge custom 
made tray over a fire.

45 minutes later oh boy! it is all cooked in sea weed!
So fresh and tastes like the ocean yummmm.

And lobsters as far as the eye can see soo good.
they were purchased right off the boat that morning. 

And yes they provided entertainment too. So fun and wonderful!
I feel very blessed to be included in that wonderful tradition.

Their inn sits right on the lake also. The kids and dogs swam until they were tired. A slight breeze was coming off the lake so it wasn't bad. I did get a chance to float around in the lake before we headed home.
The next day off to a little antiquing.

Is this not a cute idea? you could set plants on the stairs.

And yes I purchased that hanging shelf with the handmade hinges.
My friend bumped into the dealer on our way out of the store and she made me an offer I couldn't pass up. 
"It is hotter than the hinges of hell"as my mother would say.
I do not like it one bit! We are not set up for this weather as we do not get much of it. It has been 95 to 100 with humidity so thick you can't breath. I live in NH for a reason. It is not suppose to break until at least Sat. 
My daughter is camping nearby so they came for dinner tonight. We made a huge salad with all the fixings and roasted chicken from the deli at the grocery store perfect! we opened a bottle of wine it was heaven having them here.
Have a great week.


Julia said...

It looks like you are having a really good time celebrating summer. That lobster is just too much. My mouth is drooling. I never saw it cooked that way. Yummm. It's so nice that you could go and enjoy the cottage life for a little while.
It's too hot here too and I've been weeding in that heat. I had to tie a bandana on my forehead to sop up the sweat from running in my eyes. I finally got my lawn seeded and I hope the seeds don't cook before they sprout.
Stay cool. Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful place to gather and I love how they did the clambake, great idea.
I don't think you can go anywhere without this heat, way too hot for me.


moosecraft said...

Wow! Holy smokes!!! That certainly raises the bar on lobster and clam bakes! Oh YUM! :-)

Saundra said...

As if your venue wasn't wonderful enough, a delicious looking feast of lobster corn, etc.

Prims By The Water said...

What an awesome way to spend some time away. I would love to spend some time in those guest cottages... and those lobsters look so good! You found a great antique too to top it all off! It has been horribly hot here in Michigan too even though we live near the big river. UGH. Hope you enjoy your 4th!!! Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

Those guest cottages are just too cute. Next time we want pictures!!!
I've never seen that many lobsters. YUM!
I just recently bought a little two step ladder at a garage sale. It looks so cute with a hooked mat on top.
LOVE your new antique!!! Definitely one of a kind. Be sure to show us where you hang it in your house.
Happy and safe 4th to you and your family :)

yaya said...

What a perfect time away! That is like a dream vacation of day I'll be there in Maine! We're super hot and humid too and, like you, I hate it. I try to remember the cold of February but frankly, I survive that much better! Have a wonderful July 4th and enjoy your family! I hope you ate extra lobster for me! Ha!

Farm Girl said...

Wow what an incredible place to get to go visit. I am so sorry about your heat. It is just lovely though. I would love to have had some of that seafood. It looks incredible. Have a wonderful summer.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing place to visit! It looks like you had a wonderful time even though its been so warm,, I just found you again, I have been away from blogging but have started again so I joined as a follower to keep up with your happenings!