Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Post From The Porch

I am comfortably perched on the porch under the ceiling fan so 
I thought I would tell you about my week.

I got an odd Thursday off so we packed up the kayaks and headed out. peaceful...

This is a smallish pond no motors allowed so perfect for us and quiet.

And it has blueberries yummy wonderful wild blueberries.
This is husband he wanted the ones higher up but normally we can pick from our kayaks. Yes he had it tied to his foot, and yes it was a comedy show watching him get back in on the slippery rocks without flipping his boat. Oh the things he will do for berries.

I love the tiny blueberries so sweet and wonderful. I did make blueberry muffins from a new recipe. Now I have made a lot of muffins in my day but this was the best muffins ever, everyone agreed.
Not sure if I have readers who are bakers here but if you want the recipe email me.

Sat we met up with friends and headed for a garden walk put on by a local garden club. This was the sweetest house and gardens in a very busy area. 

This garden was right in the city, they had a double lot and they had gardens that went on forever with water features and little places with seats to sit and enjoy the garden. (That would be my sweet friend Lynn.)

I was completely blown away but these gardens how they made an oasis in the city. They even had chickens! I could post a thousand pictures of this property but I will spare you. Just lovely.

The last house we went to in the description it said that the owner was a quilter and was opening their home for you to see their long arm quilter and see some of the quilts. So in we went and my jaw dropped to the floor!

His wife was an amazing rug hooker!!! Not one mention of her being an artist and rug hooker! Kind of ticked me off.
Why would anyone not mention her work???
Her name is Diane Pepin just a lovely woman and artist 
she was working on a stain glass window from her church in a 2 cuts yikes!

What wonderful work she does,great color.

I finally hung my cupboard or husband did. I am off center not the cupboard.

And here it sits in the family room over an old shipping crate
that husband made legs for.
we are in the heat again but we have been blessed with wonderful weather. Cool breezy sleeping nights and bright warm days.
I hope you are enjoying your summer it is slipping way fast.
Have a great week.


Prims By The Water said...

Hubby's pic made me giggle. What one will do for something they want! I made a blueberry raspberry cake for dinner tonight. I love fresh berries! It is way to muggy outside to be on my porch right inside with the air it has been for me this weekend. Your hanging cabinet looks so nice too! Janice

Anonymous said...

thats a tricky berry picking job!!!! What a great few days you have had, beautiful gardens , beautiful art too! Sounds like a great week!

Saundra said...

Wow, fresh blueberries, calm kayak ride, comedy show by hubby and rug hooking tour among the flowers. What a week you had!

yaya said...

Our blueberries are done for the season and it was our best crop so far. It's been hard getting these bushes to produce! But I did manage to freeze some. The raspberries are doing really good this year so I'm enjoying them. I just love the New England area and yours is so beautiful. I'm always amazed at how much can be planted in small areas like that home in the city...chickens even! I have 6 acres and don't have as much as all that! I love the lake pic and your hubby perched on his blueberry rock. Our heat was back this weekend but cooling off for next week and even a tiny bit of rain. Hope your week is fabulous!

Julia said...

I . love your kayaking adventures and hubby picking blueberries with is kayak tied to his foot while he sits on a big rock picking blueberries. It's a rare sight, lol.
The garden tour and quilt ad rug show must have been the icing on the cake. I like how you take time for such adventures. Life is worth living.
That rug is very intriguing.
I've been weeding vegetables, squishing potato bugs and also weeding flower gardens all week. Not much exciting adventures. I'm too tired to post on my blog by the end of the day.

Take care, Hugs. Julia

WoolenSails said...

I wish I could get out paddling but haven't been able to this year. A few short ones but no real paddling, not sure how far I can go, till I try. Her work is amazing and beautiful.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I love everything about this post.
Pic of hubby ~ too funny.
Blueberries ~ YUM!
Garden tour ~ incredible :)
Hooked rugs ~ such talent!
Your hanging cupboard ~ LOVE!!!

Terra said...

Hi, I read your recent comment on Laurie's blog and am now your new follower. I like your kayaking and garden visit. I grow blueberries in my garden, I imagine the ones you pick along the pond are especially sweet.

moosecraft said...

That's such a sweet pic of hubby picking blueberries! :-)
Absolutely LOVE those garden pics too! Feel free to post more....I'm sure you have many blog readers that would enjoy seeing them too! :-) The birdbath with the succulents is so a postcard!
Gorgeous hooked rugs! I'm thinking maybe they were more interested in drumming up some long arm business rather than just showing their stuff? ;-)
And thank you for offering the blueberry muffin recipe....I'll send along my info...

Farm Girl said...

What nice blueberries. I think kayaking sounds like a perfect day. I love your cupboard and those gardens are wonderful. I hope you have a nice cool week.

Unknown said...

that house looks like a fairy tale wonder if it is as wonderful as the gardens on the your blog look every day to see if if any thing new excited when there is

Judy said...

Oh. My. I can't believe that beautiful stained glass piece is a hooked rug!!!
What a lovely spot in the middle of the city.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your husband is certainly a blueberry addict who will go to great lengths tompick😊 I also picked some wild blueberries in NH a couple of weeks ago but on solid ground. And, I also made some blueberry muffins but using store bought as the wild ones were not plentiful enough. When I read that you were posting from your front porch, it made me think of the times we used to sit on our when we lived in VA. It has cooled off a bit here and hope you are having a great week.