Sunday, July 22, 2018

A Rainy Sunday

On Wed we had our women's group gathering for July.
This is an older picture with just a few of us, there were 13 of us this time. We have been getting together for about 13 years the host makes the main dish we bring everything else including the wine. I always love getting together with this amazing group of ladies!
I was weeding my gardens and this butterfly showed up and stayed with me for quite awhile. 

Thursday night we headed to a local Irish restaurant and they had
amazing music from Cape Breton NS. Not sure if it will play or not but she is dancing. It is a mix of Irish step dancing and the dance of Nova Scotia. 

Sat we headed to the another area of NH to do a garden tour. 
And it did not disappoint! This is a historic house that was 
built by John Hay called the Fells. He was a statesman and secretary to President Lincoln. 

We toured the house and gardens those doors open onto a patio and looks towards the lake.

This was the serving pantry or the butlers pantry.

This is from the upstairs hallway.

A door in the bedroom curved top.

Hangers for those beautiful long dresses.

These gardens had lots of textures 

This was a rock garden again textures.

A beautiful tree (No scent) but I have no idea what
it is. 
From there we went to 4 other gardens 3 on the lake and then this one oh my heart this one!

The entrance to this house you drive a mile up on a mountain!
There was a circular drive that had jaw dropping plantings.

This is the back side or the side that faces the view down the mountain not a good picture but be still my heart!

These plantings are closer to the house this picture does nothing for it.

They made their own pond...

And have the sweetest vegetable garden ever.

I took lots of pictures of the fence.(I want one)

The steps and 1/2 of the gate that goes up on the lawn to the pool.

The pool how I love this pool no cement surrounding it just lush grass. and see the pool house in the back almost as large as our house .

A sneak photo of their screened porch of the pool house.

The view was breath taking the red barn is his also with an antique woody station wagon in the yard.

A better view of the barn. See the swing in the tree?
There was also one outside the kitchen that was a double swing so two could swing together. This family built this house 18 years ago,  they own 200 acres. I have seen large houses before but this is the first one I have seen done right. Not shiny modern, just classic lake house wonderful. The husband was welcoming guests, he was warm and wonderful to everyone. So glad we went. 

And since we were in the area yes we stopped here and really I didn't get much a couple of half yards of wool that's it.
I hope your week was wonderful 
And thank you for all the wonderful comments from last week.


WoolenSails said...

Looks like you had a busy weekend, but friends are always fun to get together with.
That house is gorgeous and would love to live there, lol. Shopping at Dorr's is always fun, much nicer to see the wool in person.


Rugs and Pugs said...

What wonderful gardens!
Still no rain in northern Ohio. It's in the forecast almost daily but skirts around us :(
Lucky you to have such a wonderful women's group. You are truly blessed.
Happy week to you :)

Julia said...

Cathy, you always have such a wonderful time visiting amazing places and being with friends. The gardens are spectacular. Thanks for sharing your interesting outings with us. It's a great way to spend a rainy Sunday.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

OMG Cathy. That house and gardens is amazing. What a beautiful view. Wish I had a house like that. I also am amazed at those wood hangers. Never seen any like that before. Truly wonderful. We had a swing on a tree growing up on the farm. Wonderful memories on that swing. Janice

moosecraft said...

Wow! I would have loved to tour that last home! What a life long masterpiece in the making! :-)

Farm Girl said...

What a glorious place to visit. What a nice weekend.
I would love to visit Dorr Wool someday.
Thank you so much for sharing.

yaya said...

I love house and garden tours! I love your favorite house too...and that garden fence is to die for! I also want one! I don't necessarily want a larger home or more fancy but I do love getting ideas on how to improve my gardens. Looks like a fabulous weekend with friends and fun!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing place to see, it is stunning and that pool!!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for sharing the ohotos of a lovely visit. It’s always wonderful to be able to go along on someone’s adventurrs, which is why I am posting and sharing our own.