Sunday, March 11, 2018

Time For A Barn Raising

A local restaurant owner had this barn moved and rebuild for functions. This was the grand opening celebration. 

To say it is beautiful is an understatement.

Two open floors with a huge fireplace on the far end.

They had a country group calling square dancing. very fun!!!

We were served dinner along with music, friends, and fun. It made for a wonderful night that was much needed. 

Easter is coming fast and we host a very large family Easter with an egg hunt for the little ones. I hit the dollar store today and filled the bags we will be giving away.

There is 27 of us total of those there are 8 littles. 
The best part is my daughter and son in law come with my grand daughter and stay overnight the night before. 

The time change is going to do me in for awhile I just wish they would leave well enough alone. Of course we have another nor'easter on the horizon so 8-12 more predicted. We got about 17 inches last Wed and a nor'easter that hit the coast hard on the 1st of march. I hate March just when you think you have made it out of the winter bang! your back in!

The only thing springing is my mother's african violet.

I have been working on my stair risers. I am loving them 
more and more I can't wait to get at least a couple of them done.
Have a great week everyone and if you are in the line of the new storm hunker down spring is coming I think??


Rugs and Pugs said...

So sorry to hear you are in for more of the white stuff. UGH!
Looking forward to seeing more of your chair risers.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

The new restaurant looks like a lot of fun and it looks so big and interesting... I bet they will be busy. Your Easter preparations for the family gathering looks like a big job but I bet it's all worth it. I'm sure Miss B. is looking forward to it too. That will be a big crowd at your house...
March sure is going along fast and soon the snow will be a thing of the past and flood to worry about.

We went out today for breakfast and I slipped and fell on wet ice. Down I went, hitting my sore shoulder on the sidewalk. For some reason, I think it kind of set things back in its place. My shoulder is not as sore as it was but it hurt like hell when I fell. I think I have a guardian angel who knocks me down just to fix my aching body, lol. I kind of love that angel and it seems to work every time but he sure is a rough worker. lol
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

That barn is AMAZING to say the least! How fun to have an Easter egg hunt. I use to for my grands when they were little. Loving your progress on your stair risers. I hate the time change too. will be dark again in the morning. Janice

yaya said...

What a great looking venue! Looks like a fun time! You're such a wonderful grandma...You're super organized too. I'm so sorry your snow isn't done yet. Stay safe and hopefully this will be it. Take care!

Judy said...

The weather this winter has been crazy.
My daughter in New Jersey has been without power since the first N'oreaster.

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful place, they did a beautiful job on the restoration.
Looks like it will be a fun time at your house on Easter.
I ended up shopping and an hour on the beach, so forgot that I might need supplies before the storm hits, lol.


Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

That barn is soooo fabulous! A place for so many wonderful get-togthers! It sounds like you really have a fun Easter with your family - your plans for the littles look like they are coming along wonderfully! ♥ Good luck with the newest storm!

Anonymous said...

Hope you stay safe and warm. I love the barn; especially the fireplace. What a fun time you had. Your stair risers are going to be charming. Your Easter goodie baskets are cute as can be. I know you look forward to being with your precious family. xoxo Mildred

Farm Girl said...

So much snow!! What a beautiful barn. I would love to see that. Oh the time change.
I tell you when that clock rolls around and I know last week it was 3:30 it sure gets me down. I love your stair risers. They are going to be wonderful.