Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Good Weekend

A very odd sunset tonight it looks like the sun was shooting straight up to heaven. 

I found this at the dump swap shop. Someone had made a vase out of birch bark so for free I will give it a try....

Yep it's a keeper...

My sweet friend dropped off some red winter berries 
perfect for decorating.

I have been cleaning out cupboards and drawers and closets.
I took a load to the thrift store and well I had to look around. right? I found 2 Christmas scarfs with tags on each one that said 20.00 I scored them for 2.00 total I would say that was a deal!

Bright and early we joined Miss B for breakfast with Santa.

Then a trip to the playground...

I bought a Christmas train to put together and decorate.
Miss B did all the decorating I just squeezed the frosting on she put all the candies on. She was so creative I thought. 

I have been decorating a bit along the way.
this is my vintage little paper houses I put in my step back 
cupboard in the kitchen. 
Let the holidays begin. Take time to enjoy them. 


WoolenSails said...

Looks like the perfect day and always more fun with Miss B.
Love how your houses look in the case. I am starting to like those now, but I have too many things, lol.


Primitive Stars said...

Yup Cathy, nice weekend I would say.Love the birch bark vase and those berries are so pretty. Miss B is growing so tall, so fast... Blessings Francine.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Miss B looks soooo cute!

Julia said...

I love your vintage paper village. It looks so pretty and those winter berries. Miss B. sure is growing fast and she a real cutie. She did a great job on that train.

Take care.

yaya said...

You always find the best stuff! I'm decorating slowly and going through my Christmas things to find some decorations for my son in his new place. It helps me to clear out the old and make room for new! Wait, I'm suppose to be trimming down on things! Miss B is so darn cute in her glasses and getting so grown up looking...where has the time gone? Tomorrow is December...Yikes!

Connie said...

The photo of the sun is so special. I love the finds you scored.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Miss B is very creative ~ just like her grandma.
Love you vintage houses.
Hugs :)