Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Week...

Prayers to Paris. There are no words....

Last Wed we drove into Boston for husband's 6 month check up.
All is well and we go back in 6 months!

These amazing cookies are oatmeal, white chocolate, and dried cranberries. So dang good!

I attended a couple of Christmas open houses one was at Badger brook, just an amazing place to go with lots and lots of goodies for rug hooking etc.. I bought a pattern to do a punch needle snowman I think I have finally learned how to needle punch (I think) so I worked on that last night. today Miss B visited she had a very hard time when it came to leave. Her grandfather had to walk outside so he wouldn't cry with her. Her little heart was broken:( We have promised her an over night with a day of cookie baking. 
I have my challenge rug drawn out and now I will work very hard on it for the next few weeks. Thanksgiving is very quiet for us so I will hook and enjoy some Christmas movies to get caught up.


Kim said...

Aww, that is sweet and heartbreaking all at once. You will have to plan some extra special activities for her next visit.

Julia said...

Great news on the 6 month check-up. Poor little Miss B. She loves you so much and I can see why she love to come visiting. I hope she come back soon to bake yummy cookies and sleepover.

Prayers for the poor people of Paris who are going through such grief and turmoil.

Stay safe and happy.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Those cookies sound AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering.
How sweet that Miss B loves being with you so much!!!
Yes, prayers to Paris. Sorry to say, but we need to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth. So much evil.
Hugs :)

Judy said...

I used to cry and throw a tantrum when it was time for me to go home from Grammas.
I wanted to live with her. I still would today, if she were alive!

WoolenSails said...

I am happy to hear that your husband is doing well and prayers that it continues.
Those cookies look delicious and sound delicious, I do miss baking like i used to.
I would have loved to go to the open house but with today it would have been too much to drive up yesterday.
Still not sure what we will do for Thanksgiving, was looking at hotels in NH and Maine for a few days, founds some that are pet friendly with kitchens, but so expensive.


Primitive Stars said...

So happy about the news on check up, wonderful. Your cookies sound so yummy, I would eat them all up myself, that's why I don't bake. Blessings Francine,

Sweet Tea said...

So glad your DH's checkup went well. Sweet relief!
Those cookies look so darn good. I'm such a Cookie Monster - never met a cookie
I didn't like!

yaya said...

I'm so happy that hubby is doing so great! Continued prayers for him. It sure does warm the heart and also give a tug at it when the Grands hate to leave. Miss B loves you both and I'm betting she's really counting the days to bake those cookies! I'm hoping I get some baking time in this season gets in my way more times than I like....can't wait to a few years!