Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Church Sale And A Cleaning

We got our Thanksgiving Card from Miss B. She really put her foot in this one:) So cute.

I went to a church sale bright and early and purchased some items for Christmas. This parish does a great job of making gift baskets that are great for Yankee swaps and gifts that are not a lot of money.
But they also have a trash and treasure room in the basement. I had to rescue this hooked Lamb.

I also purchased this bracelet and earrings. the bracelet has some pieces missing but the earrings can be used to fix it. I love vintage bracelets. 

So on the way home I took a drive into our recycling center aka the dump. These two little trucks were in the swap shop. They are in great shape a little cleaning and...

And pretty cute!

I also found this in the swap shop a very large jar with no cover.
I grabbed it and asked husband to make a wooden top. this will be great for flour. Husband made a top but he stained the wood so I will show it later. I gave it a good scrubbing and a bleach soak we are set to go.

I watched old movies and cleaned out drawers and bookcases. Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck does it get any better than that? Ok maybe Hepburn and Tracy. While cleaning out drawers I found 80.00 in LLBean gift certificates, 50.00 restaurant gift certificates, and 100.00 spar gift certificate that we had forgotten about. I guess I should clean more often!

My dollar basket I got a few weeks ago all decorated up.
I had everything at the house to dress it up and lots of greens in the woods.

This is sunset tonight. I walked by a window and the outside was a weird color so I put a coat on and went out looking for the sunset. Pretty awesome!

And to get the holiday spirit going I put the lights in the windows.
My neighbor has them all year round. While it is very pretty 
I love when we start getting the lights up each year it seems like a little holiday prize. 
Have a wonderful safe and peaceful Thanksgiving.


Julia said...

Hi Cathy, you got some cute things but that card from Miss B. wins the prize, Such a cure turkey.
I love that little hooked sheep. It's perfect for Christmas ornament. I wish you and yours a very good Thanksgiving.
Hugs, stay safe and happy

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'd clean drawers if I knew I'd find half what you found. Yeah for you!!!
Our sky was gorgeous tonight with the same colors as yours. I'd look one way and it would be pinkish. Look another and it was orange.
Sweet card from Miss B and those red trucks are just fun.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Wow, I'll come over and clean out your drawers anytime. Nice surprise finds! Great stuff especially the jar. Can't wait to see hubbys cover for it

WoolenSails said...

Love Miss B's card, that is so cute.
You find some great bargains, love the trucks and that is a cute idea with a mini tree.
I love having a light in the windows, that just says christmas and welcoming.


Mugwump Woolies said...

What a treasure that sweet little card is! I've been cleaning out like a madwoman but have only found seven dollars! Lucky you! Great finds!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

MunirGhiasuddin said...

I really love the way you value things and recycle them. God Bless you.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Wow you were rewarded cleaning out drawers! Love your window!!