Sunday, April 12, 2015

When Pigs Fly

I really thought that spring would come when pigs fly. I guess they are flying we had a great spring day.

My swing was out of the snow and waiting for me!

And there were flowers poking out of the ground.

But don't get to crazy we still have a fair amount of snow to melt.
We took two long walks, raked and enjoyed the day. I am a bit sore so feet up enjoying this beautiful evening.

I went to see my aunt on Saturday who is 91 years young. she had this picture  of her father (my grandfather taken in 1945) He had a farm that was mostly self sustaining for his family. I love this picture even through you can't see his face that well. I had my grandfather until I was early 20's so good memories. This was during WWII
On the back it said that he had 12 hives now. It was great to have because sugar was scarce.
That would be my favorite aunt she is still living on her own and spunky as ever on the left,  her sister is on the right.
I hope spring has found you. I hear tomorrow is even better for us.


Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you finally had a breath of spring. It was the first good day here for yardwork. Tomorrow I may not be able to get out of LOVE your pig.
How sweet you took the time to visit your aunt. Lucky her to have her health at 91!
Hugs :)

Primitive Stars said...

Cute little piggy Cathy. I also love your swing, hopefully soon. Your Aunt looks great for 91 years young, nice to see.Blessings Francine.

P.J. said...

Yesterday was awesome! Cleaned the yard a bit, trimmed the raspberries, had a window open and walked the dog. Hubby kept busy to and raised the flag for the season. A few more weeks before we can really play in the dirt but we can enjoy these warmer, sunny days. Love the old family photo.

Julia said...

Your aunt looks spry and younger than her age. Old photos sure bring back sweet memories. I love those old photos even though they are not clear.

Spring has arrived here too... love your little flying pig. Seeing Robins in the back yard but still too much snow to rake.
Enjoy the nice Spring day.

Saundra said...

The last two days were nice to work in the yard. I picked up a LOT of pine cones so they don't ruin my mower blades.

Great pictures and your aunt does look rather spunky. Bet you are a bit like her, right? Saundra

Judy said...


Kim said...

Cute little piggy. Spring is appearing here too. Robins are visiting, snow is melting, Kimmie is happy. Lol

yaya said...

I hope Spring continues to bless your area with warmer temps and melting snow! I love old photos and how see the hives and your Grandfather. I think those that had farms did better with food and rationing back then. Hope your weekend is a nice warm one!