Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friends Who Thrift

My close friend is a hard core thrifter. She calls me and said
"There is some wool here do you want it? There is a lot of it."
I decline saying I have more wool skirts to take apart than I ever will get to. she says "No clothes, you are going to want this!"
I am still not feeling it. She texts me a pic I say ok the colors look good get it. 

This is what I got there is about 8-10 yards of wool for.....
wait for it.................3.00. Bet you wish you had a friend like mine!
Today we meet up after work  and head to the thrift.

I snagged this tray, pretty dang cute. My friend and her husband come for Christmas eve every year so I promised to serve her from this tray.

I also got this top that I thought was cute and you can see it is New!
Then as any thrifter would we headed for a drink and free apps at the fanciest bar in town. We were living large!;)

I took this picture in their fancy gift shop on the way out.
I thought it was a good idea. You can see the lake and mountains with a moose. 
I have a couple of days off coming up next week I may see Miss B and maybe just maybe I will try a bit of dying with my new wool.


Kim said...

I was screaming at the screen when I read you declined wool. A hooker can NEVER have too much wool. Nice score lady!

Jacqueline said...

I am curious to know how you would over dye those bright colors of wool.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a great friend you have. Thankfully she is not a hooker.
Enjoy your time off.
I finally picked up the hook this evening.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

What a great deal indeed. Wow! I can't believe you got all that for $3.00.
Here in Fredericton every hookers must be scanning the thrift stores for wool skirt as I seldom see any so I haven't bothered to go look for wool lately.

Love the Christmas tray but shhh... don't say Christmas too loud, we are barely into Spring for G sake. Hide that tray for now...

svelteSTUFF said...

New 'toys' are ALWAYS fun AND inspiring!!

Saundra said...

Great finds and some of that wool you can use to do a great Karen Kahle marbleized wool with a 3 color wool sandwich, roll it up, and tie it. Hmmm, good idea for me to post about,.


yaya said...

Good snags you thrifty gal! If I was a hooker I'm thinking I would be dancing on the ceiling with all that wool for $3! Enjoy this weekend!

Gayle said...

I see some marbleizing in your future to make that wool look even yummier! Nice friend!

DM said...

Damn girl...I want a friend like yours.....and those are my colors. To think you were going to refuse wool...silly silly girl.

P.J. said...

Awesome finds!!!! What are friends for. :) The hooked pillow is Cute. Sounds like a fun friend day!