Monday, April 27, 2015

A Road Trip

Saturday I met up with a friend and we went on a bit of a road trip.
First stop Badger Brook in Gilmanton NH She has her store in    her barn and it is full of amazing wonderful things! I bought a piece of wool for faces. Then off we went to.....

The Woolen Pear in Louden NH. She is a new shop owner but a long time hooker. She just posted this on face book it is her sign. 
out by the road very funny. And a lovely shop!

We are still very cold and not much sun at all. We have no flowers or much of any up at this time. We headed to Lowes on Sunday, I headed straight for the flowers they smelled and were so pretty.

I got my flower fix for the next few days anyway.

I had today off and I got a phone call from Miss B inviting me to come up and play today. Who could refuse that?
A friend of mine found some jewelry making things at the thrift store. She just loved it! We played everything she wanted to play and then out to lunch, the park, walking main street looking in every window. With a stop in a candy store for some chocolate gold coins. She said she had the most fun day me too, but oh boy am I tired. This fun thing is very hard on Grammies. :)


Kim said...

Oooooh fun! That sigh is hysterical and the shop looks great. I love that nest pillow on the top of those shelves. And your day with Miss B sounds perfect. That type of fun is worth getting a little tired out :)

WoolenSails said...

I will have to save up for a trip in june, not sure if we will take a week, but maybe a few days to get away and then paddle at home. I always plan our trips so we go past the stores;)


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your road trip sounded like a prefect outing. I love the road sign very funny.
So wish your cold and snow were gone. I too love to browse the garden section of Lowes. We had such a storm here last night that I remember thinking I am so happy I did not buy my summer flowers yet. This place out here looks like a war zone from all the heavy winds and rain. Incredible how many trees were damaged but thank goodness all in the back forty.
I loved you got the phone call from Miss B asking you to come play. That is an offer no one could refuse. You spent the most wonderful day with her and memories she will cherish forever. I know you were tired. They do have a way of wearing you out.
Your sweet comments about my wedding post meant so much to me. As you know it's been such a wait for this to happen but it was a beautiful wedding and she is so in love and happy. What more could I ask for. Paul is a good Christian man so I am delighted they are together.
I am trying really hard to take care of myself. It's not easy adjusting to low sodium foods but its a must.
You made my night seeing Miss B. I do love when you share her with us.
Take care and I am praying for warm weather to reach you very very soon.
Love ya

Julia said...

Oh my, I had a good laugh at the sign. You can't miss that but love the look of the shop.

I'm so glad you got a good dose of Miss B. to brighten your day. You're making such good memories for her.

Being a grammy can be hard some time on us old folks sometimes but it's all worthwhile.

Rainy weather here today and the roofing project is on hold.
Have a great week.

Nellie said...

That road sign - how funny! Great to have a phone call from Miss B to come play! Yes, something happens to our "playing energies" at some point in the years. Those little ones just seem to keep going.:-) We have been having a cooler spring, though I think warmer temperatures are on the way!

yaya said...

I see some of that white, evil, cold stuff is still on the ground by you. Sheesh! It's time for it to go! I laughed out loud at the sign for the wool shop...that's clever! Looks like you had a great day with Miss B...memories of her Grammie she'll have forever!

DM said...

Ou! So jealous....those shops sound great. Love the sign. Nothing like spending time with those little ones. I know what you mean about being so tired.....they wear me out too but don't pass it up.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your day with Miss B was great fun, I'm sure. She is growing up so fast.
What a fun road trip.
Hugs :)