Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not Much Happening...

Everyone is smiling spring has sprung.

There have been a few turkeys stop by..

My big dump find was hula hoops...

Miss B came to use those hula hoops today and this is when she had to get in the car to go, not so happy.  I buckled her into the car seat she said "Grammie everyone loves you I will miss you so much." Ahhh what a way to to go right to my heart!

Well the sun has set on another weekend they go so fast. We are in for some rain this week so things will get very green. 
I have not picked up a hook since I came back from Maine last month. I am reading an amazing book right now so not much hooking in my future.
have a great week!


Kim said...

Aww isn't she a sweetie. She is lucky to have grandparents like you and Dave and she knows it

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a beautiful sunset!!! So happy that spring has sprung in your little corner of the world.
Oh, that little one sure can melt your heart.
You need to go find your hook and use it!
Oh, I hate that tomorrow is Monday already.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

What a sweet thing to say to her grandma, What a little treasure. You can't put a price on that one.

Miss B obviously has a great time at your place.

I've been hooking after a long pause and now I've been trying to fit cleaning a few flowerbeds in between since I left them on their own last fall.

Enjoy your bookand have a great week.

Nellie said...

Precious Miss B! Yes, she knows how to get to your heart!

yaya said...

Pretty sunset! You know how much I enjoy snapping pics of them! I like having a quiet time with not much happening and I hope your week is a good one. Miss B is a sweetie and she knows the way to your heart!

Primitive Stars said...

Sweetie Miss B. ..nice Wild Turkey picture you took. Glad Spring has sprung for you.Blessings Francine.

DM said...

Now that just melts my heart. Miss B is a lucky little munchkin. Damn girl....pick up that hook. I started on "it's raining hooks and daisies" and I am in heaven. I'm having so much fun with it. Can't wait to show you and Kim.