Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Where Are You?

I had the option of going to work or staying home. I chose home
I shut the alarm off and slept an extra hour and half.

This sticker is on my husband's truck. Siesta Key in Florida
taunts us oh how I wish I could twitch my nose and be there.

This is right outside my dining room just past my fab vintage
curtains. No it is not blurry that is snow you can not see across our yard.
Oh spring where are you?
I decided to use some of my time wisely and do our taxes.
Now mind you I hate to do them but I have been doing them for the past several years
and no big issues. Today issue! I called the Internet tax company to get an problem
resolved. The person said "name" I gave her name and spelling so what
part does she have the most trouble with and asked me to spell 3 times?
So we go to split screen so she can see the problem.
I have to delete all information in the one form and reenter.
OK but please do not hum in my ear while I am doing it
and covering the phone to giggle to someone beside you I can
hear you! and it is very distracting!
Then the program timed out I flipped my lid!That was it I shut everything
down and got off the phone with the hummer and called it a day!
The wind has really picked up in the last few minutes, I have the wood stove buring nicely,
and David is napping to easy listing music TV station. I think I will hook for awhile.
If you find spring send her this way:(


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cathy, well, Spring is not here, wind chills, so cold.....Hope all goes well, Francine.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Hi Cathy, How nice to spend a storm day at home with David and getting a little hooking in. I just heard a weather update and the worst of the snow has yet to arrive...all we can do is grin and bear it. Hugs from Maine, Julie.

Orange Sink said...

Hi Cathy,
Can't believe they'd have that much trouble with a name as simple as ours!! LOL! But then again it's the govt'. Nothing should surprise us! LOL!
Here too...getting so sick of white! There's four feet on the ground... can't send any Spring your way but good weather for hooking by the fire!
Cathy G

Balisha said...

Can't find her....didn't get out of the 20's today...tonight single digits. Happy Spring..

yaya said...

Sorry, no Spring here but no snow in that amount here either! It was super cold and windy with snowy flakes in the air. I'm glad you could stay home and hunker down. I hope you get better luck with the taxes next time! I have to send ours in this week to the accountant and hopefully it will be all done. Stay warm and safe! Oh, I love those curtains too!

Julia said...

Sorry about the hummer tax helper. The nerve...

I haven't seen Spring either and I'm about to run naked in the street to scare Mr Winter away. He has overstayed his welcome this time.

I still want to wish you HAPPY SPRING.

jennifer768 said...

Wow that is a lot of snow!Glad that you could spend the day at home,sorry about the tax problem.Stay warm and safe,Jen

camp and cottage living said...

No Spring here either!
You did the wise thing by walking away from those taxes for the day.
There's always tomorrow and maybe someone that won't hum in your ear!

newburyarts said...

*****spring is lost under the new fifteen inches of snow here on the coast...i think that the rodent is probably senile and can't tell it's
shadow from anything else! stay warm!

Kim said...

Early this morning I heard the snow plow and thought YIPPEE, work will be cancelled. The alarm rang and before I got up I checked my blackberry - No message. Checked cancellations online - my office was not there. So I grumpily got up, dug my car out of the snow and came to work. BUT I'm not happy about it :)

Melody said...

I think Spring is just out your window... if you get in close and squint ~ it's right there, just under the blanket of white stuff!
but seriously, if you're wrangling with taxes, then spring can't be far off... cuz they go together like birds of feather!

Julia said...

Thanks Cathy for your comment on my blog and to answer your question, I'll be in Ottawa until Easter evening. My daughter wanted to give me a vacation away from the farm.... how sweet.... I'm getting spoiled and soft. My son is caring for the calves for me and my husband is holding the fort in my absence.

I just wish it was tulip time in Ottawa as they have millions of tulips blooming every spring. Holland supply them with a million tulips in thankfulness for taking care of their Royal family during the occupation of Holland during the war.

Miss LindaLee said...

I've been doing our taxes for about seven years now, and am always surprised at how fast I'm done. So why do I put them off each year?

Today is the very first day of spring and I realize that it's hard to believe in many areas of this big country of ours. I don't miss the cold and snowy winters in NH at all. I love NH, but didn't get along with old man winter. Your days will be warming up soon though.

jody said...

well spring sure isnt here either.. at least we know its coming eventually right? so glad dave had another good appointment! and you had safe travels. enjoy your evening cathy!