Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cabin Fever

Who has cabin fever? who is sick of the snow and cold?
Even my plants are blooming from boredom.

I tried growing sprouts and it went pretty well. We have eaten at least
half of them It took about 4 days to get to here. I grew them inside a
canning jar. I used them on salads and sandwiches and I will grow them
again it was easy and tasty. The sprouts tasted like summer.

I have been putting out some of my Easter decorations.

We have a very large gathering about 25-30 and a big egg hunt.
I think they will be looking for eggs in the snow. I will pull out the sleds and tell the kids to
go to for it. 
the snow is moving into NH but we will only get an inch or two.
My friend that I meet up with on Thursdays is going to Florida
So we will miss the next two Thursdays. We are use to going to Florida
every winter for a week but because of Husband's illness we have been unable to go
We are planning on next year if all goes well.
Stay warm and safe everyone!


Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm glad most of the snow has passed you by. We didn't even get a flake - YEAH!!! We even had some sunshine. That's always a welcome sight.
I still haven't gotten any Easter/spring decorations out. By the time I get to it Easter may be gone ... lol!
Hugs :)

Melody said...

I won't tell you I love the snow, even in March... but I will tell you I love your Easter decorations, that bunny pulling the little cart is ADORABLE!

annie said...

love that cactus! beautiful color!

do you get your sprouts locally? have been thinking of trying this, no local source, do you get yours in the mail? curious.

you could always hide the eggs in the snowballs!

Kim said...

Yep, I've got that winter cabin fever too. Spring is coming though - the sap has started to flow in the maple woods!

Julia said...

I sure hope that the snow will be gone by EASTER. We need a lot of sun here in Ottawa to melt all that snow by March 31st. The snow banks are so high.

I may still be here for Easter so my bunnies will all stay hidden in their tote this year. I'll have to enjoy the ones on your blog...

Hopefully you'll be able to go to Florida next year.


Nellie said...

Easter is really too early this year. I like it when Easter is in April. It gives time for the weather to improve.

yaya said...

We had a tad of snow from that big storm yesterday but by the time I got out of work it was all melted. We'll be in Oregon for Easter and hopefully they will have nice weather. Greek Easter is in May and I might just have to go home (Chicago) for that and hopefully it will also be nice! I envy your friends in Florida. I'm just needing a little sun right now! Have a good day! Oh, your sprouts look really good and they are so healthy for you!

jennifer768 said...

I can't wait to get outside to play in the dirt.I have so many plans for new flower gardens this year.Love your Easter decor.Hugs,Jen

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, I hear ya, so tired of the cold and snow...we have so much here.......The cactus is so pretty.....I have been putting out my Spring goodies but sure is hard when the weather is crappy......Have a great day, Francine.

Two Dog Pond said...

Beautiful blooming cactus. Great idea to sprout some seeds ... and so healthy. Perfect Post! Great minds think alike.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

We got about a foot of snow! What happened to 4-6 . . . Cute decorations! At this point the kids will need snow shoes & not Easter shoes! LOL