Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

What beautiful weather we had this weekend!
Since we had spring fever we started out for the farmers market
about 25 minutes away.
I think we were shocked with all the vendors.

Well fist we had a huge homemade donut, no picture we ate it to fast:)
Of course a bottle of NH wine.

There were people who grew mushrooms,baked bread, the had winter veggies,
lots of jams and jellies, and of course maple products. The carrot cake jam
is so good it has a texture more like marmalade, and the maple you sprinkle it on
oatmeal and toast soooo yummmy.
The we went on to concord to shop, first we hit LLBeans and both bought
new winter coats that were 1/2 price at the outlets. So we will be all set for next winter. Then we headed into town
for lunch and a walk. We went through my favorite antiques shop and I didn't buy a thing
I found things I liked but not the prices. Then we went to the Historical society of the state of NH
and went through the museum lots of beautiful things to see and of course I had no camera.
On the ride home we were both tired but agreed it was a really nice day and we should do more of it.
After we got home I made dinner.

We both love onion soup so I tried a short cut
it was good so I will pass it on. I just saute onions in olive oil, and a bit of butter.

Added 1/2 cup of white wine and 2 cans of Campbell's onion soup.I scraped up all
the bits on the bottom of the pan.

I took a piece of toasted garlic bread put baby Swiss on the top
put it under the broiler for about 3 minutes success!
I hope you had the beautiful weather we did and we are promised more for the week.
I will enjoy the time change and the good weather.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Your soup looks yummo!
Glad you had a good weekend. With all the every day hustle and bustle, sometimes it's hard to take the time to enjoy a day.
Today was a gorgeous day in Ohio! I hope we have more of those soon.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

It was a great day here too. I love French onion soup but strain out the onions before I eat it. Silly, I know :)

moosecraft said...

Ahhhh... sunshine and farmer's markets! :-)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cathy,that does look like a great weenend, good food and weather, can`t ask for anything better, :) Francine.

Trace4J said...

Fun weekend..
Oh my goodness can I please come for soup yummy dinner?
Woolie hugs to you friend

Saundra said...

You're making me hungry for onion soup; I LOVE onion soup. And the carrot cake jam sounds delicious too. I usually put honey on my steel cut oatmeal but if I had some of that think that is what would go on my oatmeal this morning.

Great weekend indeed.


WendyBee said...

What a great weekend. I'm always inspired to eat better when I go to a Farmer's Market. And I'm salivating for that Onion Soup. Yumm!

camp and cottage living said...

It does sound like a perfect way to spend a day!
I've never thought of substituting carrots for oranges in marmalade.
It sure looks good!

Willow said...

Oh MY that onion soup looks DELISH ... farmers Market, duds at LL Bean on sale! Sounds like a great weekend to me.

Diane Mars said...

Wow that onion soup looks so good, I love onion soup. Fun stuff happening at your place~