Sunday, January 27, 2013

What A Weekend!

We have been soo cold I know like most of you, the the morning sky
has been beautiful and crisp.
Our weekend started with a visit to my 89 year old aunt in Maine.
She just had her birthday, I can only hope that I take after her.
She lives on her own and needs no help thank you very much.
(her son does live next door)
She is spry and with it I told her we were there to take her to lunch.
she popped up put her coat on and beat me to the car.
She gave me a beautiful quilt she made, she was saving for special.
I guess I am special:)
I will post a picture next time.
Then Sat night we won free tickets for a show so
off we went. we had never heard of this guy, I googled him and
thought we would like him. He was amazing and so was the opening act
his name is Martin Sexton just an amazing talent.
Today we got a visit from Miss B. The look on David's face
is pure love.  It had been about a month since we have seen her because of
illnesses on both sides.

The town I work in (5 miles from my house) is having their
250th anniversary so they started off with a play
all on the history of Plymouth NH. The players were local people
Dr's, lawyers, business men and what an amazing job!
Robert Frost taught at the college here for a couple of years
Nathaniel Hawthorn visited here and died here.
Babe Ruth spent some time here and visited a business
that made his baseball glove and bats. to name a few there were so many
famous people who lived and spent time here.
I am all caught up on Downton Abbey I have to say nothing got done around here I was so
engrossed in that series. I was up until 1AM watching the last episode on Friday.
I am glad I did it now things make more sense for season 3.
Check your local library a free way to get caught up.
I did not get to the hook in, Courtney was unable to go and I really needed to
get the time to see my aunt. I hope I will get to the next hook in.
Have a high regard for yourself. Be our own best friend.
 Leon Nacson


Rugs and Pugs said...

That is a beautiful outdoor picture, but nothing compared to the beautiful look on hubby's face holding Miss Baby. Pretty soon you will have to change her name. She is growing up!
Hugs :)

Nellie said...

What a wonderful week-end! Love the picture of David with Miss B! Very special. That aunt of yours is special, too! Where we live, very cold weather is not the norm. We were near 50 degrees today, and Monday is expected to be near 60. This is after we had an ice storm on Friday that brought everything to a standstill.

Have a good week!

Lynn said...

Wow, you have been busy! Am so glad Miss B got to visit and you got caught up on Downton Abbey. Most important things! Keep warm!

Mary Ann said...

Whew, what a weekend... I'm glad you were able to visit your elderly aunt!

annie said...

wow you have been busy, hoping to see the quilt, love the look on his face, she is growing, just adorable! have a great week!

Rose H (UK) said...

What a lovely weekend you've had! David looks truly happy to be holding your little Princess :o)
So pleased he's feeling better now.
Have a great week. Stay safe and warm.
Rose H

yaya said...

I love the sunrise pic! Maine is on my list of places I really want to go. Your Aunt sounds like my Mom. Its great she can be independent & healthy. The pic of David with your cute Granddaughter is so sweet. I love DA... The best show on TV! Have a great day!

Connie said...

Our weather is so fickle........we were SO cold not too long ago, now we are mild in the 50s with a high of 66F tomorrow and then very cold again by Thursday with a low of 7F. This warmer air will bring lots of rain and for my family back in Indiana some severe weather even. Arghhhh

A nearby town has a playhouse and they will be featuring Les Miserables in near future. Thought about going but I've seen it in NYC and hubby didn't say let's go when I asked him and I don't mind not seeing it again. But it's a great opportunity for those who haven't seen it.

Have a really nice day and week!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Such a beautiful picture of hubby with cutie pie. You sure do see the love flowing.
Your Aunt sounds wonderful. So glad you got to visit with her. Boy did my eyes light up when u mentioned going to Maine. I am already wanting to go again. Too bad it cost to travel. Lol
Sorry you did not attend your hook class but sounds like a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for leaving me a comment about my latest decision to make in my crazy life.
Just pray I do the right thing.

DM said...

The look on Dave's face is absolutely wonderful. You can see the love and joy in having the little dollie in his arms.
All the best to all of you.