Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holistic Remedies

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We have been warm-ish for New England 30's-40's.
The wind has kicked up and is bringing in very cold weather.
We have had the flu in this house:(
I am happy to say David is on the mend.
I dodged the flu!(this time)
 I may have just been lucky but this is what I did and
and what if it really is helping??
First I did wear a mask at home while David was sick
I washed my hands while singing happy birthday twice.
(in my head:)
I wiped my hands until dry.
I drink a mug of hot water with a large wedge of lemon.
I drink 8 glasses of water
one or two of those glasses I put in air borne or emergency C
I take 2000 units of Vit D, most people in the north east
are vit D deficient. You can get this checked with a blood test.
I eat 2 pieces of ginger you can put this in your hot water
or I bought some crystallized ginger at the health food store.
Plenty of sleep
The one other thing I have started is the last 2 minutes of my
shower I turn it to cold brrrr, I haven't quite lasted the
2 minutes but I am working on it. There is a German study
that shows the 2 minute cold shower helps circulation and
raises your white blood count.
Now did all of this help? who knows but I am still healthy
and it can't hurt:) Yes I had the flu shot this fall but so did David.
I am hoping the flu dosen't find you.
Go Patriots!


Dog Trot Farm said...

Cathy, I sure wish you had posted this post before I came down with the flu. LOL. I tend to be on the healthy side, but, unfortunately my number was up. I am glad to read David has recovered, stay well my friend, Julie. Um, I'm not sure I could handle the 2 minute cold showers!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I definitely fail in holistic remedies but I'm glad it's working for you. No way could I turn the water on cold, especially in the winter.
I hope you continue to stay healthy. There is so much stuff going around!
Hugs :)

Mugwump Woolies said...

So happy David is on the mend and that you somehow's a nasty little bug. Lots of good ideas to help boost your immune system...thanks for passing them along.

Larkrise garden girl said...

What great advice!Stay healthy both of you.Hugs Cheri

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cathy, that's great the flu didn't find you. ......Thanks for all the tips, great, but not to sure about the 2minute shower, Francine.

Julia said...

Well you sure put the run to that monster flu. Good for you. The 2 minute cold shower would kill me faster than the flu, lol. you're one tough chick. Keeping my fingers crossed so it doesn't find me but the young hired hands always have colds so I wouldn't be surprise If I catch it.
I try to stay out of crowded places, a difficult thing to do.

Stay safe, warm and healthy.

jennifer768 said...

Well it sounds like something you did helped you from becoming ill.LOL! So glad to hear that David is on the mend.Hugs,Jen

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I hope it doesn't find you for sure!! I love the cold shower idea! Wonder if I can do it!!

yaya said...

No flu for flu shot for me either but I'm hoping to continue my good health trend. You have great ideas for staying healthy..I hope they keep you that way! Have a warm week..we're getting the Arctic blast too!

Kim said...

Looks like I fell behind a bit. I hope you remain flu-free and David gets back to 100%. I like all your remedies except the 2 minute cold shower. Not even gonna attempt that one :)

jody said...

the little grandbabes have been fighting with strep throat and colds.. hopefully the flu will pass us! so glad david is feeling a bit better and you have been very careful not to catch it! i woke to -22 today so staying in!! enjoy your day cathy!!

DM said...

Cathy I'm so glad to hear you dodged a bullet with the flu and happy that David is on the mend.
I also am a holistic fan. I drink lots of green tea with lemon & honey...also echinace tea. I also like making my own "teas" with ginger, basil & lemon thyme. mmmm. so good. Keep up the good job. Did u get my reunion news?

camp and cottage living said...

Well what more could you do?
You'd better not get the flu after all that!
I'm glad to hear David's better too.

Anonymous said...

Love the weather vane picture.
I don't know if I could last 2 minutes but I have been doing the end of my shower this way for years. I just hate the way the hot steamy felling of the shower feels at the end when trying to towel dry. The cold helps give a cleaner fell to me. Good luck with achieving the 2 minutes.

momto8 said...

hand washing with soap and friction is the best defense against germs...
stay healthy!!
my son and husband take cold showers during Lent.

Judy said...

So far so good here. I got my shot--was told it would prevent this year's version of the germ--IF YOU GOT IT WITH THE LONG NEEDLE and not those short, less ouchy ones some places were using.