Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Has Come!

Well spring has come to Acorn Hollow these little flowers popped up in just the past 2 days.
 I went to the dump yesterday and I found this pot. It is 24 inches high and 16 inches across at the widest point. I believe it is hand thrown pottery. I wish I could show you all the drawing around this pot. This is a tree with the roots showing under ground.
 a sea shell with so many colors swirling around it.
 There are whales, and foxes in their den I could go on and on it is like nothing I have ever seen. So when I picked it up (it is super heavy) I thought now why is it here? well it is cracked across the bottom. They tried to gaze it inside.. I think it may have been made by a student at the college. It is not signed. It seems a little new age to me I am more junky country. But something speaks to me about it. I will keep it and put a fern in it for the summer on the porch. Maybe it is the folk art quality about it.
So the creeping crud it slowly creeping out of here. I stayed home today. I changed sheets and opened windows. I looked at myself walking by a mirror. Yikes! I thought the grandmother on the Adam's family invaded my body. I was in a sweat shirt that went to my knees that was dirty from cleaning, a pair of PJ pants, my hair was a mess no wonder I felt like crap, I looked like crap. So I jumped in the shower and put a little makeup on and felt so much better. I asked my husband why he didn't say anything earlier he just said "what I didn't notice any thing."We have been married way to long..... Well I am off to a flea market tomorrow with a couple of friends. My vintage kitchenaid has had a work out I made meatballs and a cranberry,orange bread.
Welcome to my new follower! Loved all of your answers to the question last post. I do think that you can go far on common sense. Have a great weekend!


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I love the pot! You find the greatest things at the dump. I want to take a field trip to your dump! Good golly, you've already broken in the kitchen aid! Don't you love it?
When I go without makeup I am shocked and appalled! I have to apply it always! ;-)
I have your crud now...just in time for my vacation...I'm seeing a trend. It seems to me I was sick on February break too.
I got so many ideas for my border for the cat, that tomorrow, I'll be busy deciding what I'm really going to do!
Have a good weekend!

Donna said...

No! You are unbelievable!!! What a great's my favorite!!! It's really gorgeous!! You'll do some fun things with it, I'm sure!
Sounds like you'll have a great weekend ahead with meatballs and cranberry orange bread!!Yum!!

Joanne said...

Bet that will be a treasured piece of yours - always fun to unearth a treasure! Yea for Spring

Kim said...

Wow, that pot is very interesting. Very funky and will make a great conversation piece. Glad you are feeling better. It's amazing what a shower will do. I've seen that woman in the mirror before too -- she scares me! Lol

Jane said...

I envy that pot!!! I would love to plant something in it. But I have to admit a fern will make it simply beatiful. Glad you found it and gave it a home! Blessings jane

Larkrise garden girl said...

Where is this dump?I know it has to be in a travel book labeled top 10 dumps in America! What you find there shocks me and I am sure I am not the only one. Lol You must be the best shopper! I love the clay pot and the flowers.Have a fun week end.Cheri

yaya said...

I'm so glad Spring has found you! It truly snuck up and pinched us on the butt and I'm just saying "praise the Lord!" do find the most interesting items ever. I love the pot and it will look great with a fern. It's nice to know you are loved even when not feeling or looking your best. It's amazing the miracles that shower taking can do. After having each of my kids, after taking a shower I was ready to go home! Have a great weekend!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! $5 for your Kitchen Aid! What a deal! Those things run forever! Glad you're starting to feel more chipper.

The Barn Door said...

Wow, awesome pot!!! Very unusual. I'd say you scored again at the dump!

littlekarstar said...

Hello! I have exactly the same shade kitchenaid as you do! The pistachio green colour...?

The pot - looks like it would have taken the maker so much care and time to make. Glad you've given it a second life.

The Vintage Seamstress said...

So what were doing at the dump? lol Great find, I love finding stuff, I just drive down the alley ways in town occasionally, got some cool shutters once and a few other things! Glad you are feeling better!

Melaine said...

Awesome pot. You sure do have the best dump. You must hold the keys to the gate or something, because you always get the best stuff. Keep on pickin' and Happy Spring.

Dog Trot Farm said...

I am always in awe of your incredible dump finds. A $5.00 Kitchenaid, wow and a beautiful Majolica dish, double wow, and the vase is beautiful too. Hope you are feeling better and so happy to see you have crocus in bloom!

Julia said...

You sound like one of my grandsons. He live right down town and when people are moving at the end of the month they leave heaps of junk by their driveway and he goes through to see what he can salvage and prides himself of all the treasures he found that people are throwing away.

Did you turned the pot upside down? Very interesting drawings on it. I'm glad that someone else junk is your treasure now. You keep finding the coolest stuff. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am glad spring is finally arriving in your little corner of the world! It is good for the soul and psyche! Glad you are feeling better.
Hugs. :)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

It is wonderful to see flowers popping up. Unbelievable finds. Love the pot. I think I caught what was festering in your house. Sore throat, heavy chest and cough. Just in time for my vacation this week.:(

Susan Freeman said...

Yeah! Spring as arrived in your little corner of the world!!!

Susan and Bentley