Sunday, April 3, 2011

Faking Spring

This is another picture from the Tasha Tudor book I bought, they are so sweet.
 Since spring spring has not come to Acorn Hollow I have decided to fake it until it makes an appearance.
I went out on the porch and cleaned the last of the Christmas greens out and redid my door. OK they are silk but nothing would last at these temps. I still like it and it makes me feel hopeful that spring is just around the corner(I hope)
 I even put a real nest with a fake egg in it. I am joining house in the roses to show off my spring door.
 The weekend was busy. We went to my daughter and son in law's on Sat. Husband helped SIL install a new counter and sink in their bathroom. So what do we do while this is happening?Daughter, miss baby, and I went shopping. They are near outlet shopping, she had a few gift certificates so shop we did.
We hit a few stores and then for fun we went into the April Cornell outlet. we felt all the fabrics made a wish list and then I decided I would splurge on a set of sheets. She has such pretty colors and I need color, but no king size so we left with nothing but my daughter is going to drop in now and then to see if some come in. Next stop was Stonewall Kitchens. Their store in York Maine is not to be missed. But this is the outlet so we stumbled on some bargains. The blueberry jam you heat it a little and put it on vanilla ice cream it is amazing! The cleaning stuff was a big bargain I like it and it actually inspired me to clean a little.
I want to welcome 2 new followers thank you for following along. In the past month I have lost 2 followers I understand that life changes or your interests change but I always wonder why. I want to thank all of you that leave me wonderful comments. I do reply to the ones that have their email and I do try to get to each of your blogs it is important to me and I love to visit. I sound like I just won a beauty pageant:) and next I will work on world peace Oh that I could :)


yaya said...

Your door looks great..and I love the color of it too! I put a pic on my header of our crabapple was taken last April..all bloomed out. This same tree doesn't even have any blooms yet because we've been so cold and snowy. The snow's gone but I'm afraid of surprises! I feel your Spring woes. Maybe we'll all bloom out together!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
So glad you got to spend time with Miss Baby and DD.
No snow here in Ohio but damp cold weather that just won't leave!!!
I always wonder about losing followers, too. I want to be like Sally Field ~ "you like me, you really like me". (It was Sally, wasn't it?)
Hugs :)

vintagesue said...

spring isn't here yet either...sigh....
LOVE that door display and those maine products make me think of what else??? MAINE. lol. i remember spending hours in the blueberry patch as a kid!!!! eating more than i could pick for sure!!!
you are awesome to welcome followers and respond to comments. i do neither. shame on me!!!!! i have blogs i look at and then stop and then start again. it is the ebb and flow of blogville i guess....
you have a very sweet blog!!!!
take care

One Cheap B*tch said...

You haven't lost me! ;) I'm with you: maybe if we break out more spring decor, spring will finally, well, spring!


The Barn Door said...

What a fun day!!!

Joanne said...

Spring is coming! Love the bunny pic

Karen said...

I saw the PBS special on Tasha Tudor a couple times. I was enthralled with her life style.

Susan Freeman said...

I'm still here! You are so lucky to have a Stonewall Kitchen store not too far away. I'll be thinking of you while I am faking spring too!

Susan and Bentley

Larkrise garden girl said...

Everything looks beautiful. I know what you mean about followers but we have to remember is it really about having a number of people reading or about who is your core readers.I rather have the few that I have. Their great blogging friends to me. I love hearing how every one's week is going all over the world! So don't worry we really like You! !Cheri

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Love your front door, it's beautiful! I've been to the Stonewall outlet, love that place too!

Bunnym said...

Yummmm...blueberry jam with ice cream....sounds good to me. Of course you guys went out shopping, what are you suppose to do....stand there and watch the!!!

It's not about how many followers you get, it's about the friends you make along the way~


Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Gosh, April Cornell and Stonewall favs! Your new door decor is inspiring! Come on Spring!!
Glad you had a good day with family and especially baby!

Susanne said...

Fake it til you feel it, they say!

I keep meaning to do a post on my front decoration but I guess I should sweep away the june bugs first, ugh, no fun in that!

Jaybird said...

I can't be a follower because I only have public internet access, but I come and visit when I can and I love your blog!!