Sunday, March 12, 2023

A Spurt Of Energy

Day 8 from unknow virus and I finally have some energy.
I cleaned out the pantry in the kitchen.

I pulled out a couple of expired things, but the big purge was anything with erythritol or stevia I have been doing some research. Going on 2 years ago I lost 50 lbs. and have managed to keep it off except 5 lbs. Over the past year I have noticed I have started eating things I didn't normally eat, and I do think my mindset was well it is low carb why not. And then I see the research on especially erythritol major concerns with this. Causes blood clots and heart issues. It takes a very long time to leave your body. And trust me it is in most everything! Back to the basics.  

Monday night into Wednesday morning we are expecting a nor'easter while I am ready for spring and prefer the snow in Jan and Feb these two are ready to go. My daughter and Sweet B!

She skied her first double black diamond Whoohoo!! There is more skiing next weekend for her with a friend, so snow makes her happy.

Back to the basics again. I had an all-natural kielbasa I had a great coupon for, and I bought some riced cauliflower added some veggies and a delicious stir-fry!  

As most of you know the bookstore, I work at connects to an ice cream shop I get a lot of bananas that she has go a little to brown. It was time for banana bread I decided to make muffins instead with the batter. For my husband's I put in chocolate chips mine do not have any I don't like chocolate and banana I know crazy.

I also grew some sprouts it tastes so fresh and green in the winter.
We are getting ready for our big adventure more on that later.
Have a great week!


Dicky Bird said...

I want to sprout some greens too now. I'll hold off on cleaning my pantry...ahahah
Good job with the 50 pounds down!

Saundra said...

I need to clean out my cupboards, pantry and closets yet I don't eat the items on your floor anyway.
Since I live on the flat land of Delaware I've done mostly a little of cross country skiing. When younger I tried downhill skiing once.

Julia said...

I also had a spurt of energy and cleaned up the master bedroom and the ensuite bathroom and my energy faded, lol...

Good for you for checking the labels. Your pantry looks in order. I did the same thing a little while back just to see if I had anything with expired dates. I did find one can and used it right away. I've been reading labels for the last 10 years because I had to avoid soy and soy by-products from my diet and I did also last weight. It's lovely seeing Sweet Miss B.

Hugs, Julia

Deb J. in Utah said...

You are setting a good example for me. I need to clean up my diet and lose a bit of weight. Good job on cleaning out the pantry. Looks like Sweet B is having lots of fun in the snow. I went skiing a couple of times years ago. It was a lot of fun, but too expensive for my tastes, especially when we were a young family just trying to make ends meet. I hope you have a good week.

Hena Tayeb said...

Good to hear you are feeling a little better.
Awesome about your daughter and the double black diamonds. I have been on the greens for years now and have no intentions of skiing anything else for life.
Those sprouts look yum!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for mentioning Erythritol - I tried it once (baking) but didn't find it did the job so put it back in the cupboard for another day. It won't be in the cupboard at the end of today as Tuesday is bin day here. I already have a blood clotting prob so your interesting mention had me checking it out. Thanks, Elaine

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Wow Skiing Congratulations!
Glad you are feeling better

Jeanie said...

I think I would be in big trouble with a bookshop connected to an ice cream store. And so glad youare feeling much better! (No skiing for this girl!)

acorn hollow said...

Well the more I heard the worse it was and I made sure it was mentioned in different publications. Blood clots are beyond bad. I purged it all expensive but worth it

Rugs and Pugs said...

A double black diamond? You go, Miss B!
Congrats on keeping the weight off!!! We must do all we can to preserve our bodies, though I know I don't eat very healthily.

Prims By The Water said...

WOOHOO for sweet B! I went to the grocery store to buy some zucchinis for bread and they were out. UGH I had a hankering for some. Ended up buying some chocolate muffins instead which was not good. That is amazing on your weight loss. HKdos for you! Janice

yaya said...

Awesome Cathy on your continued health journey and keeping off the pounds. That's major! My hubby has had some horrible health scares with blood clots so I'm going to check out my pantry too! I've been thinking of you with all that snow. We have friends in Maine but they are doing good and like the snow. We did get about an inch last night but it's going to be warmish again so I think it will be gone. Stay safe and warm and what a nice pic of your daughter and Miss B! Too cute! Have a good week Cathy!