Thursday, September 22, 2022

Still Working On It.

Yes, tonight is the fall equinox, and it is really going to feel like it.
This morning pouring rain and thunder woke us up.
Tomorrow it will not get out of the 40's. A hurricane will pass by us and right into the Candian Maritimes. Please all of you be safe.
It will kick our surf up and give us 50mph gusts. That is how powerful it is, and it is headed right to Canada. 

We had a few bananas that were past and so I made some bread. These are the mini loaves. We ate one put the rest in the freezer to take out as we want. 

I am still plugging along on the border of my rug I am hooking in the evening while watching tv. I had stopped doing that when I got my rug room done over but since winter is on the way and there is more tv watching going on I brought it down. I have no idea what I am going to do with the corners. 
I have been very worried about the prices of heating oil and the food etc etc. While we are not poor and will do ok how long before we really feel the pressure? I called our heating oil company they wanted me to pay them 400.00 and they will promise to not charge us over 5.15 a gallon for heating oil this winter. (The $$ is just for the promise) I gambled and said "I will pass"
The news here is loaded with stories of people trying to find cord wood to burn this winter and how much it is. I am thankful we have enough for at least 3 more years, but we still use heating oil. I don't remember feeling this way before in other times and there have been hard times we have lived through before. Is it because we are older?
Ok enough hand wringing tonight 
Enjoy your weekend!  


TheCrankyCrow said...

We had the wind and rain the night before last...and the cold has now gotten ahold of us here too..but I do believe (hope??) we will get a bit warmer than you.... 50's for highs and down to low 30's for lows. Enough for me to think it's time to turn on the heat. Like you, I'll do ok...but those heating costs are very concerning. Ours were high during "normal" time since we have no wood back up and use both fuel oil and propane (there are heated floors in both my husband's and son's garages that have to be kept going or they will be garage? Ha! Of course not...but I digress....) I shudder...and not just from the cold. Looking forward to seeing your next project. ~Robin~

Deb J. in Utah said...

Yes, I think we tend to feel less secure as we get older, and this inflation we are all going though is crazy! Your banana bread sure looks good. You are making progress on your rug. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Have a good weekend and I will see you again soon!

Saundra said...

OMG!!!!! Promise to NOT charge over that. Did they say what the price was today? I looked at my investment report today and have lost a LOT of money. Of course I did too in 08 and it came back. But things are worse now and don't have the confidence the economy or cost of living will return anytime soon.

yaya said...

You and I both love Fall and I'm happy it's officially here. Our temps dipped too and like you I worry about the cost of heating this year. We also burn wood but don't have any ready yet. We buy from the city...$70 for a huge truck load (we usually get about 5 loads) but with Jack's surgeries in the past year we've gotten behind. I know our boys will help get caught up but I do hate all the work and mess involved. When we moved here we were 21yrs younger and able to keep up. It's getting harder! Anyway, I'm still going to enjoy this time of year no matter the prices! Have a good weekend Cathy!

Hill Top Post said...

Fall came blowing in today and left us with a much cooler day, but nothing close to 40 degrees. You will be needing a warm jacket tomorrow, for sure. I like having something in my hands when I watch tv. I am glad we can pause and go back because sometimes I miss something I want to see. I don't guess it helps to do hand wringing, but it seems a lot of us have been doing just that lately. Take care!

WoolenSails said...

Seems fall is here and no Indian summer, was really hoping, lol.
We have gas heat so will see how that goes, but with solar, we have saved a bundle on electricity. We are still waiting for a new transformer before we can go on it fully.


Jeanie said...

It's going to be a pricey winter. I look at it this way -- it's not just the U.S. -- it's everywhere. And we DO have some choices in things (although you have to have heat! That one is a deal-breaker). But we can drive more slowly and less, bulk errands, drive smaller cars unless one that is bigger is needed for specific reasons, grocery shop carefully, wear last year's (or in my case, many years past!) clothes. That at least makes it a little better for the things that are essential (like heating oil or wood). I worry about the winter being cold too. It's already taken a cold turn here in Michigan.

Julia said...

the leaves on our maples are already changing color and it's been cold and raining so I worked inside but my gardens need weeding before all the seeds fall to the ground.

We are bracing for more rain but I'm thankful we will miss most of hurricane Fiona. I'm glad they didn't call this hurricane Shreck.

Good for you for almost having your rug finished. I need to pick up the hook again.
I enjoy early fall but don't like the cold temperatures anymore.

We have all the wood we need for our two wood stoves but I worry about young
families who will really struggle this winter with the high cost of everything.
It will be a difficult winter for many poor people.

Your banana bread is tempting me to make some. I have two overripe banana and a frozen one. It's on my list of top priorities.


Rugs and Pugs said...

It is truly scary what is happening. I could just cry every time I check my retirement investments. I know the market always comes back, but how many years will it take to recoup...and I am not getting any younger.
$400 for a promise??? OUCH!!!

Prims By The Water said...

We insulted which helped our air bills, but the price of electricity went up, so we are basically paying the same. I am not looking forward to Winter, so We are going to get a cord of wood ourselves and burn more i our fireplace this year. I would have passed on that price too. Yum on the banana bread! Janice

Dicky Bird said...

I was just saying to my husband this morning, "well, I guess it's getting to be t.v. watching weather" ahahha. I need to bring down some projects by my chair as well. Costs are concerning! We filled our tank when it was cheaper and should be good until maybe March 2023...unless it's super cold this year.