Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rug Progress

Friday night husband and I headed off to see the Downton Abby movie. It did not disappoint. I love the splendor of it all! The costumes and the settings in the south of France in the late 30's early 40s and of course Downton itself. It was nice to have couple of hours where you could escape real life and just pretend. 
We have not been to the movies in at least 3 or more years. It is not a cheap night but once in 3 years we splurged. We bought popcorn and a box of junior mints! It is worth seeing just for the evening gowns alone!

The heat has settled in the past few days. Horrid, humid, heat.
We are camped out on our porch with the ceiling fans going full speed. The porch is my most favorite place in the house.
It smells so good lilacs on one end.

Lily of the valley on the other, heavenly

My lady slippers are back. So glad 

And we have wooden screen doors on either end of our porch. Each time I hear on bang I think of summers at my grandmother's, such good memories.

I got a fair amount done on my rug at camp last weekend. And I put a bit of background in this week. 

I have really enjoyed this rug, but I will be glad to move on. 

I am changing a few things I do not like the nonsensical things in the background. So I am drawing in vines and flowers where I can and just deleting the rest.

Very different color pallet for me but I am again enjoying it. 

I have read a couple of books lately but they are crazy, a bit trashy books but they make me laugh until I have tears running down my face. Just exactly what I need right now. 
Janet Evanovich by the numbers books. I thought I had read them all but I found a couple I had not. 
The world has been over whelming to me lately. I have avoided the news and just try to catch the weather. 
Well you know what is happening no need to hash it out here. 
We are in for storms this afternoon it will cool things off for next week. I just hope they are not severe.
Have a wonderful week!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Sunday Cathy....
That movie sounds so intriguing to me....I've seen the trailers on television. I love that era of big estates and high society...set in Europe/Uk, better yet. I assume, though, it would make more sense to have watched the series?? I have never watched any of the seasons or even a single episode. I was not even aware of it until several seasons had passed and I figured it would be too difficult to catch up. Your rug is looking so very amazing. I love the little critters!! The bunny, the frog, the grasshopper, the robin!!! Oh my! I think it's a great idea that are eliminating some of the background "chatter." The rug has a lot going on already and why detract from the true elements? I think your color choices are and deep. I love, love, love lilacs...ours should be blooming soon. ~Robin~

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Cathy, what a treat to go to the movies-wow my husband and I have not done for over 20 years now at least- I always loved movie popcorn
we are back to lots of rain and storms again-most of last week and it continues here mid week again and we were in the 40's today brrrr.
I really enjoyed seeing your rug, you have gotten allot done.
Happy new week

Prims By The Water said...

We had a bad storm roll in on Saturday morning. Hail so big thought it was going to break the windows in the car and store. Tundra and I went into the bathroom as I was afraid another tornado would touch down. Loving your rug and so happy you were ale to go back to the movies and enjoy it. Janice

Saundra said...

As I'm typing this a storm just hit and will also reduce the 90+ temps and humidity to more normal temps for this next week. Oh my yes I remember the porch doors slamming at both my grandparents house and then them yelling DONT SLAM THE DOOR. But that was after the door had left your hand.
I've enjoyed Downton Abby the TV series and guess I'll wait for the movie until it is released on TV. I haven't been to the movies is about 15 years so cannot imagine what it costs now.

Julia said...

I've still haven seen Donton Abbey, on TV or in a movie theater. I seldom watch TV or even go to the movies anymore.

Lilac and Lilly of the Valley are two of my favorite scents, amongst other favorites.
You got a lot done on your beautiful rug on the weekend. I love the quote, Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend but inside of a dog, it's too dark to read, lol.

It's Queen Victoria's long weekend this week for us. Everything is closed tomorrow.
Take care.
Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

I envy your porch because it's screened in! Our deck is a place I do hang out but when the mosquitoes hit it drives me inside. One of these days we may just have to splurge and have it screened in! We put in a new screen door from my kitchen and yes, it slams when the kiddos go in and out but I do love it! Your rug is looking great and I bet it will be wonderful when completed. I just finished reading "The Rose Code" by Kate Quinn. That's a really good read! Have a good week Cathy!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Those lady slippers are just too sweet. I have neve seen them in northern Ohio.
Love, love, love your rug. I bet you will be happy to move on to a cut larger than a 6!
I have always loved that Groucho saying.
Yes, our country has gone mad. It is hardly recognizable. So very sad.

Farm Girl said...

I love that rug! You are doing such a wonderful job. I can't imagine that kind of humidity. It will be 105 this week, but I bet its hotter at your house. I love your spring flowers. All of them, they are beautiful. I love your thoughts on the screen doors. It is such a happy sound. With good memories.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Downton movie. I'm looking forward to it, too -- although who knows when I'll ever get to a movie theatre! Your rug is fabulous. I understand what you mean about wanting to be finished with it -- it's that way with long projects. But this one is a beauty!

Hill Top Post said...

Your rug is turning out beautifully. Once the background is filled in, it will be stunning. We subscribed to Netflix to watch the entire Downton Abbey series. Then we cancelled! I was surprised at how much hubby enjoyed it, since he is a Cowboy kind of guy.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

We did the same this past week, Cathy, and went to the movies after a long hiatus and also saw the same film. We had also seen the first DA movie several years ago and this was probably the only previous time of being in a movie theater. The costumes and settings were such fun to see especially as I had not seen the series beforehand as my husband had done. He is re-watching it with me now on PBS and keeps throwing in spoiler alerts😉. We also enjoyed the front porch at our former VA home and had we stayed we would have added screening as the mosquitoes became quite annoying at times.