Sunday, December 19, 2021

On To Christmas. . . .

Another amazing sunrise makes getting up worth it.
Of course, red skies in the morning Sailors take warning.

We got snow our first real storm of the year. 

We spent the better part of today cleaning up the 10 inches of snow. I know it is a lot of clean up. But oh, how beautiful it is!

I decorated the porch. We are having friends in Christmas eve. 

I did not put up our big Christmas tree, but I did try to do a little something in every room. 

There was a large conversation online about having a year where you buy no more patterns or wool for hooking. I did do that a couple of years ago and truly need to do that again for the next 5 years. But oh, how I love a new pattern. 

And a dear friend sent me a pattern she drew and a couple of pieces of lovely wool for Christmas. I just love him!

And another dear friend sent me her handmade Christmas card with her fun artwork. 

I made a loaf of Anadama bread. My hooking buddy Donna passed on her recipe, and it is wonderful!!!!

When we went to Vermont Country Store. I purchased these. I was horrified when I just bought a roll of foil recently, and this seemed like a good idea. So far so good and they clean easily in hot soapy water.

I sat in on a class at The Woolen Pear last Tuesday. 
Pam helped me with the sky, and I am very pleased with how it turned out. Now to finish the snow. 
I hope Santa finds you all happy and healthy.
We are celebrating with our daughter and family. We missed last year so we are more than excited.  


TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, that counts as a good snow even by Nodian standards LOL. Funny how you just said you wouldn't mind the clean up if it meant a white Christmas (or something to that effect). I agree - I don't think it would ever feel like Christmas without snow. You Christmas Journey rug is just so wonderful...I love it more and more each time I see it - and, yes! the sky is fantastic!!! Fun new patterns too! I will be anxious to follow along with those as well when you hook them. Enjoy this special time before Christmas.... ~Robin~

Saundra said...

WOW!!!!!! Your sky is magnificent and looks well with the rest of the great work you did on the design. Such good friends to draw patterns freehand for you and so talented. And now I can't remember what else I wanted to comment on. Enjoy your gathering.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your porch always looks so inviting.
That Woolen Memories pattern has been tempting me. No way can I go a year (a month?) without purchasing a pattern or some wool. That Santa pattern your friend sent is so sweet, too.
Your Fox rug is looking good. You are getting so close.
Now that my decorating is done and our Christmas party is behind me, I hope to find my hook.
So happy you are spending Christmas with your DD, Miss B and sil.
Merry Christmas ;-)

Deb J. in Utah said...

Looks like you are all set for the big day! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Lady Locust said...

Merry Christmas! I see a snow bunny in one of those patterns :-) I know what you mean about using the stash though. Enjoy your time with family.

Prims By The Water said...

I did put up our large tree and just added the lights. No time to decorate it. 10 inches of snow. Youzers. We had 2 inches nd then turned to freezing rain. Not good for driving. Have fun with your Christmas get together. Janice

Olde Dame Holly said...

How wonderful to have family to celebrate with! And nature is helping with the decorating!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Cathy, I am a bit envious of the snow, but then as we are currently on a pre-Christmas family visits road trip not having any on our travels is OK. Hope some is saved for when we’re back home after Christmas. Sending you best wishes for a very Merry Christmas

Julia said...

Wow! 10 inches of snow is quite a lot but so beautiful. I'm not a fan of snow when I have to walk in it. I'm so worried about falling again and hurting my poor shoulder that never healed fully.

At first sight, I thought that the red sky was a big fire, silly me.

I didn't set up the big tree as hubby said don't bother. I did a minimum of decorating as we will be spending Christmas alone again this year. The province is talking about going into zone 2 again about Covid restrictions. It is getting bad again here.

I love your sky. So beautiful and your rug is looking so nice.
Enjoy your friends and family this Christmas season.

Take care and stay well.

yaya said...

How did I miss this post? Merry Christmas to you Cathy and your hubby too! We didn't get snow this year but Christmas came anyway! I wish you good health and happiness in the new year!