Sunday, April 25, 2021

I Was Feeling All Superior When...

The May flowers are in bloom a bit early. They smell heavenly.
When I was little we use to pick them on May 1st put them in a little colored plastic basket and put it on the door knob of a neighbor and knock and run! I remember just waiting for our knock because sometimes there was candy in that basket too.

Last post I was telling you about my new hiking boots. Well my friend and I headed out to the 7 waterfalls. It was a clear beautiful morning just glorious!

It is on the property of the castle in the clouds (which I have posted about lots of times) an easy hike and more special with a friend.

I will spare you from having to look at all 7 but trust me it was beautiful! And my boots were great. I did have my old ones in my backpack but there was no need for them.

We have had every type of weather this week snow, below freezing temps with high winds, sunny and warm and in spite of it all the trees are budding and the tulips are blooming! This tree was decorated with yellow finches just waiting for me to fill the feeder.

Every work morning I work I drive by a Dunkin' Donuts and see a line of cars just waiting to get that cup of coffee. I have been brewing a pot every morning for years and taking a couple of cups in a thermos (that was given to us) to work. And every morning I say as I drive past "How crazy is that? A complete waste of money!" I was feeling very superior about it all and then..
I ordered a rug hooking pattern that would keep me in Dunkin Donuts coffee for a few months sigh.. that will teach me.
Like my husband says "It's all about what something is worth to you."
More on my new pattern later. I am working on Daisy. I had to pull all my flowers out, I hooked them in pink and it just did not stand out from my background so white it is!

I have told you before about Tubi a streaming station that is free.
They have some wonderful older movies. This week I watched the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I also found Dark Shadows a creepy soap that was around when I was a kid, my mother did not let me watch it so I would go to a friends house everyday after school, her mother would let us watch it lol. 
This is school vacation week for Sweet B and my daughter, they decided to take her to Boston for an overnight and to the aquarium.
When they told her she said "Great I want to see Paul Revere's house!" Love that kid to the moon. But the best part is she is coming for an over night!! So excited!
Have a healthy happy week


Rugs and Pugs said...

I am not a coffee drinker, but whenever I drive past Dunkin' Donuts, there are so many cars in line. I just don't get it. can justify your new pattern because look at all the $$ you have saved over the years brewing your own coffee.
Happy the hike went so well with such beautiful views.
Miss B's spring break is late compared to breaks in Ohio. Fun she is coming for an overnight.
Daisy is looking good. So close. I look forward to seeing what is next on the frame.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read that the new hiking boots did well on their first outing. I know you are looking forward to a visit from Sweet B, Cathy. How nice that she and her parents are going on a Boston getaway.

Judy said...

My spring flowers were early this year too and seemed there were more of them than before.
Then we got snow and below freezing temps for this past week.
It didn't seem to affect the later spring tulips and daffodils and I hope it hasn't blasted my Lilacs!

Deb said...

So glad you will get to have your granddaughter for an overnight! So fun. I will have to check out that new streaming service. I always loved Dark Shadows when I was a kid! I do love the new rug you completed. My sentiments exactly. ;-) Have a good week.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Oh, that is so funny about Dark Shadows. My mother didn't allow me to watch television "in the day." So I would hear second-hand about Barnabas et al the next day from my little friends! I really love the pattern you are hooking now. The flowers stand out nicely in white, you are so right. As to the cost of the new pattern you ordered: Think of it as free! By forgoing the Dunkin Donuts coffee, you are getting it "free."

moosecraft said...

It truly is what something is worth to you! Personally, I'd rather have my own coffee and a rug pattern (to hook and cherish for many years).... than JUST the Dunkin' coffee that turns to "waste" anyways.... lol!

Olde Tyme Furnishings said...

The weather here too, is all over the place. Sunshine and warm one day and another day can be snow and cold. Mid May is our safe zone for starting gardens. I remember the Dark older sister would want to watch that all the time. I do find it easier to spend money on things that will last and be with me for some time. I don't buy expensive coffee's from coffee shops. I will say that those who go to work each day that maybe that cup of coffee is just the special thing to get them through the day.

Julia said...

I'm with you with brewing my own coffee and skipping the donuts but I agree with your husband with what something is worth for you. Your hike sounds lovely. You must have burnt lots of calories.

May is just around the corner. I can't believe how quickly it came. April has been beautiful and I can't wait till everything is in bloom and it's time to plant in the garden.

I'm glad your new boots were perfect for this big hike. Maybe keep the old boots to work in the yard. Enjoy the new week.

Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

You two gals will have loads of fun with that overnight. Daisey is looking good and can't wait to see the new pattern.

JustGail said...

Ya, but you'll have the rug for years, not to mention the happy hours spent hooking it! With expensive coffee drinks, other than the wake up jolt or sugar rush (and not even that with decaf, fake fat and fake sugar options), all you get is a trip to the bathroom. I never got into the fancy coffee routine either - I had other priorities to throw money at like paying off the house early (twice!), retirement savings, sewing and needlework things!

yaya said...

I don't drink coffee and always shake my head when I see that long line at Dunkin donuts. I wouldn't even get in line for a donut! When I was a kid I babysat for a lady who loved Dark Shadows. I babysat because she was an alcoholic and I had to watch the kids and I watched the show too. I hated working for her but liked the show! Your area is so beautiful and a wonderful place to hike! Glad the shoes are good! Enjoy that sweet Miss B!

Prims By The Water said...

I came home from school and turned on Dark Shadows every day. I loved Barnabas. I'm with sweet B...where is Paul Revere's house! I actually did see it when I was in Boston. I do treat myself to a Tim Horton's on Saturdays...but agree the lines are long every day...or where pre-covid before more folks started working from home. I dont do coffee, but love the Iced Capps they sell. Enjoy spending time with sweet B. They grow p so fast. Janice

WoolenSails said...

I remember watching that show and the newer one.
We are bad and stop to get coffee, but since covid, I got a travel mug and bring my own, definitely smarter and better than paying every day. We got a small percolator for the camper and I love that better than the drip pot. My boots are wearing out from going to the beach, but at this point I will wait for a sale since I will be going over to summer weight soon.


Dicky Bird said...

My mom watched Dark Shadows too. I have a memory of seeing this dracula guy walking down a winding staircase.....that's about it. She loved it tho. What a pretty waterfall. I also like your rug.

Jennifer Gail said...

I remember on May 1 a dogwood blossom and candy and maybe scripture in a paper cup and it was called May Day. Love old shows