Sunday, April 18, 2021

April Snow

We are in a drought and need rain but our rain came in the form of snow. Pretty and it was melted by night, but I am ready to move on from snow at this time of year.

I am ready for dandelions to weave into crowns with Sweet B.
We spent the most of last weekend uncovering gardens and raking so we are ready!

I have worked on my rug. It is a quick hook, I am working on the last of the flag and the mane, then some background.

Usually we have projects every one of my days off to 
accomplish but today we decided to just do nothing. I did do laundry and change our bed, took a walk ,but other than that I didn't do much.

Tomorrow I am going on a much needed hike with my BFF.
 I got the compass out that my daughter got me for Christmas! Um directions galore yikes!

And I have new hiking boots that I haven't worn yet.
So for tonight no slippers just boots. I will put my old boots in my backpack in case I have any issues with these.
Have a healthy and happy week.


Saundra said...

What is the brand of your hiking boots as they look comfy. I see New Year's Eve peeking out under your feet. Brings back fond memories of hooking it.

Olde Dame Holly said...

You are very wise to carry your old boots, too. Nothing like a blister to ruin a hike! Hard to believe there is still snow in April. We are very "cold" here in the Chihuahuan desert, too, with 46 for our low. Unseasonably cool for us. I am glad you didn't do much (but you did!) on your Sunday off. Everyone needs some time to just go at their own pace.

WoolenSails said...

We got snow too, none of it stuck but it was a mess and cold. Love the donkey rug, perfectly prim.
Hiking sounds good, hoping to get out with the boys a few days this week. I use all trails, got the special for 15 dollars and nice to have maps on hand and a map as I walk in case I take a few side trails.


Hill Top Post said...

Silly weather guy even mentioned the s word for us. I am liking your donkey. Take care and enjoy your hike.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Snow here in Nashua, NH, as well and all gone by evening thanks to rain changeover. The new hiking shoes look good, but older ones might be more useful in mud season. I have never heard of dandelion crowns but they looked interesting and hooe you and B have fun.

Deb said...

I am glad you got some moisture, even if it was snow. We got snow here last week - and the mountains are white again. We need the moisture too. I am glad you get to go on a hike. My son, Josh and I got two in over the weekend, and it was nice to be back on the trail. Hope you have a great week. :-)

Faith said...

Hopefully that will be the last snow, that is the best kind here and gone in one day this time of year. Dandelions, we used to make bracelets too! Oh those simple and lovely times. Remember the buttercups? If you held one under your chin, it indicated whether or not you like butter? I'll say it again....simple times....

Julia said...

We woke up to snow on Saturday morning and by afternoon it was all gone too.
Nice hiking boots. It's wise to carry the old boots just in case. The river level came up twice and is back down usually comes up three times in the spring. Still hoping that it will not flood. I hope that you get the rain you need.

Sunday is my day of rest and I don't do anything except what is necessary. I don't blame you for taking it easy on Sunday.

I hope that you have a great hiking day. You look prepared.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

Good luck on your hike! We are expecting at least 3 inches of snow overnight. UGH I use to make dandelion crowns. Thanks for the memories. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

That's what I love about a spring doesn't stick around for long!
You are hooking Daisy so fast. Lookin' good ;-)

moosecraft said...

Those are some sweet looking hiking shoes! What brand are they? Always good to take a day to just "Be". How about some lavender wands after the dandelion crowns? :-)

yaya said...

We're getting snow tonight..4-6in! Thankfully it won't last long but hopefully it won't kill my apple blossoms and lilacs. I love your boots and you're smart to bring a well worn pair just in case. Every one needs a nothing day once in a while but don't we always manage to do do a few chores anyway? Ha! Enjoy your hike and I hope for no more snow for either of us!

Jennifer said...

Good shoes are so important. Love your rug progress.