Sunday, May 2, 2021


We had some wonderful time with Sweet B. I took her and pepe to the hike my friend and I did the week before and they loved it. 
She is growing like a weed!!

We gathered some acorns and bits, voila!!
We have acorn people!

She thought up the people, I ran the hot glue gun. She was thrilled, so was I.

We even made a little acorn dog! Her mom tried to do some with her and she said "It's ok Mom I can craft with Gramie you are good at other things." lol.

Then she wanted to try hooking. 
the hooking you see is mine, I had her try it on the project I was working on.

For the first time with a hook in her hand I thought she did great!

As you can see I am almost done with Daisy. I am going to try and finish up the couple of stair risers I have left to make before I start my new big rug.

Taking B home on the other side of the mountains. It almost doesn't look real but that is Mt Washington,  it was still getting snow this past week. 

I read,but I go in spurts, I will read a lot and then I will not read for a couple of months. I love this author she is a lot like Agatha Christie.
At the end Inspector Gamache solves a case in a very tucked away  resort. It sits in the woods on a beautiful lake and he says. "Is this place heaven or is this hell?" To Gamache it is heaven, but to his right hand man it is pure hell. He hated the bugs and how far out it was he couldn't wait to get back to the city. 

So I started thinking about this house, our home. 
When we first moved here the house was still in construction phase. I moved away from my family and friends. I didn't know a soul. I cried when I filled out the emergency form for my daughter's school I had no one other than us to ask to be a contact. I was lonely. Then the first thunder storm we had the house got hit! If someone had said here is $10.00 for the house, I would have packed my underwear and headed back to Maine.

But now all these years later it is pure heaven for me. When we go back to see family I am over whelmed with the traffic and the people. When Covid hit I was even more thankful than ever, this place truly hugged us and kept us safe. We have been asked several times lately if we are interested in selling . The real estate market is red hot here,  No one has ever seen it like it is now. We are about 2 hours from the heart of Boston but worlds away in lifestyle and they all want it and I don't blame them.

Heaven and hell is all about prospective. 
Have a wonderful week in your own personal heaven.  


Olde Dame Holly said...

I am just stunned by those acorn people. I don't know when I've seen a craft this fresh and adorable! You guys invented something great! That is so interesting about your housing market heating up so much, even though it is rural. I wish people would again appreciate nature in a real way. Maybe it is happening. Maybe COVID opened up some eyes!

Deb said...

You live in a beautiful place. You are so right - everything has to do with our perspective. So glad you could spend some quality time with your granddaughter doing fun things. Have a good week!

Julia said...

Such a lovely post today. Oh my, those little acorn people are just too cute. What a creative Miss B. you have. She has indeed grown.

My grandson who is about the same age weighs more than me now. How fast they grow and I haven't seen him and his family for about two years now. His younger brother writes stories about the adventures they are having as they drive all the way from Ottawa to come to visit me. It's hilarious and good fun. My daughter reads his stories to me on the phone. I miss seeing them so much.

I love your story about when you moved to where you live now. You were a kind of pioneer in a way.

Take care.
Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

Cute Acorn people and know you and B had a marvelous time together. So who has possession of the people? Or did they stay behind to be part of the welcoming committee when she returns? Has your house been struck by lightening again? Reason I ask is because this past summer my house got hit, it soldered together the wires in one of the circuit breakers and burned out all my gfi's. The electrician told me the area now has a magnetic field so likelihood of being hit again is high.

yaya said...

What a clever girl Miss B is and she's getting so grown up! It must make you so happy to see her interest in hooking! Something you two can share as she grows up. I know what you mean by perspective. I hated our small town when I moved here from Chicago. I left family and friends and a work place I loved. It took me many years to finally come to appreciate small town life and when I go back to Chicago I can't even imagine living there again. Our home is situated in a very desirable area because it's close to highways that lead north to Cleveland or south to Columbus. We've been asked many times about selling. Nope, we enjoy the peace and quiet of the Pines. You're right about the housing market. Houses are selling like hotcakes around here too. You have a lovely home in a beautiful spot and I would be hard pressed to leave that also! Have a good week and I hope the snows and cold are gone for now!

Prims By The Water said...

Well my my sweet Miss B is truly growing like a weed! They grow up so fast. I saw my granddaughter over the weekend nd did not recognize her in her mask at the store as she dyed her hair. It wasnt until she started talking that I realized it was her. She will be 14 next week. Not sure why her mom let her dye her hair. Oh well. Those acorn folks are so darn cute and I bet were so fun to create as well! Loving your Daisy rug, and you might have a fellow hooker on your team soon...Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

What fun little acorn people!!! Looks like you and Miss B had a fun time. Glad to see she is a hooker in training.
Even in depressed, podunk Ohio where I live people are paying more than the asking price for homes. Mine is finally worth more than I paid for it 21 years ago...but that doesn't take in to account all I have put in to it...sigh.
Daisy looks good. My Daisy is in my bedroom.
Didn't you change the name of this post since I first saw it?

WoolenSails said...

She sure is growing up, and such a great age to do things with, and crafting together is wonderful. Nick always wants to do things with me, but his attention span is too short, lol. I don't blame you, I dream of having a place on a lake in the mountains and no people around.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to see you granddaughter, read all about the visit and also see those wonderful acorn people, what fun you both had in their creation! My husband has talked about moving to a remote area as he says he is "done peopling: but I am not so sure I would enjoy not being close to place I could walk to easily. Glad you have settled happily in your location.

Jennifer Gail said...

The acorn people are just down eight wonderful. Glad she is taking interest in your hobby. That sunset is divine.