Sunday, February 28, 2021

Dying With Snow

We had a beautiful full moon last night. I love this picture it looks like the big pine is reaching for the moon. 

Today was 50 which is warm in NH at the end of Feb. It was time to change the air in the house. I dusted, cleaned out the fireplace and vacuumed. The fresh air felt sooo good.

I put an onion bread in the bread machine ( a new recipe) 
It is a keeper! Husband loved it. 

We got snow and The Old Tattered Flag showed how to snow dye.
So I thought I would give it a try. The orange was traffic cone orange. And I thought why not do the natural too.

I put the damp wool in the pot and filled it with snow.

And then I drizzled the dye over the snow and covered it with foil and kept it on low for about an hour. I did keep checking to see if it was taking up the dye. 

voila! usable wool! I used green and bronze over the orange.

And the natural I used a earth tone mixture.

I finished the challenge that saundra hosted. No wool was used.
I used an old t-shirt, old curtains, vintage bark cloth, vintage lace, skirt lining, upholstery material. I learned I love my wool! But so glad I did the challenge. 

And speaking of wool, my Herb Angel, that has been hanging round on my frame much to long is coming to the finish line. I have this bit, an eye, and the border. I still really love her but will be glad for a new project.

For those of you who have followed for awhile know I have a soft spot for magazines. I love opening the mail box and seeing a new magazine....  I found this one in a local market. It is a Maine magazine with no ad and lots of really great articles, information, and craft projects. While pricey I do think I will get a subscription to it.
I had bought a cross stitch kit some time ago and never opened it. 
Well I took it out this week spend a very long time sorting and labeling the floss and now I will try my hand at cross stitch. I haven't done it at least 25 years. I wonder if my eyes can take it.
Rabbit Rabbit 
Happy March!


Saundra said...

Am interested in that snow dye project you heck with the challenge Saundra did (uh, that's me). Show us a before and after shot. And your challenge piece was wonderful.

Donna G. said...

Coming from a cross stitcher.....I’m glad to hear that you’re looking to start a project soon. 😊

Olde Dame Holly said...

I have never seen that snow dye process before! Interesting! Your tulip came out lovely. As did that onion loaf! I hope your eyes will allow you to do the cross stitch and enjoy it. I love cross stitching but I have to use 14 count Aida, usually.

WoolenSails said...

I love how your wool came out, that looks fun.
I also love your rug, another fun project, especially to use up scraps and make more of an art piece.


Julia said...

Great results with the snow dyeing. It a technique that I wanted to try but there wasn't any snow and by the time the snow came, I was busy with something else. lol...

Your challenge tulip rug is looking good.

The onion bread sounds like something I would like since I love onions. I'm looking forward to seeing your next cross stitch project. My crochet baby blanket is coming along slowly.

Hugs, Julia

Hill Top Post said...

Your snow dying turned out beautifully, but Hopefully it will be another year before we have enough snow for dying. :-) I love Herb Angel. She will look so lovely on the new wall.

Dicky Bird said...

I've never heard of snow dying. Your project look wonderful. I love paper publications too! Ones with not ads - that's a win!

moosecraft said...

Ahhhh fresh air! I did the same in our home last week. And when it gets warmer, I'll look forward to washing windows! :-) The snow dyeing looks like fun and the results are beautiful! Looking forward to seeing how your cross stitch goes.... is it a Dimensions kit? I actually prefer those over the linen and "fancy floss" projects. The aida cloth is so much easier to stitch with.

Donna said...

First I am curious what vintage bark cloth is. I've never heard of it. Your tulip came out great and hope to start mine today. Yumm that bread sounds delicious and will have to give that a try.

yaya said...

I love to see your creativity! Your rugs are lovely and the herb angel will be so pretty when done and can't wait to see it. We had warm weather yesterday too but I spent most of it driving back home from Chicago. It was funny to see all the snow almost gone here! I have a super weakness to magazines also! I do hate the prices but it's such fun to sit and browse and get ideas over a cup of tea! Happy March..almost Spring! Take care Cathy!

Jennifer said...

Nothing like a little fresh air and a breeze. Love your respect for the moon.

Barwitzki said...

So nice I found your blog ... great things you do ... with exciting materials.
I love to produce something with my hands and I love to keep doing something new.
I look forward to seeing your cross stitch work start. Enjoy.
Best greetings Viola

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

While I have never heard of snow dying before reading this post, Cathy, it does seem to have been quite successful for you. Thanks to the weekend rain and warmer temps, we hardly have any snow remaining.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love the results of your snow dye job! Hopefully we won't have more snow and will have to put in on next winter's list.
I, too, am glad the challenge is done. I am working on binding the easy way. If Saundra posts another challenge, remind me not to sign!

Prims By The Water said...

Never heard of a snow job like this one. LOL Glad it turned out great for you. Love your challenge project too! Janice

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, now I know! You had great results I'd say with the snow technique...I especially love the green/earth one. Finally, a use for snow LOL... We had a beautiful Snow Moon too, although true to its namesake, we had snow along with it...4+"....Ah, well, that's life here. Your tulip turned out wonderfully, but am glad I was not tempted to join...I'd still be searching for fabrics and wondering where to get my linen LOL. Herb Angel is looking lovely!! Anxious to see your next projects! ~Robin~

Dicky Bird said...

I also love snow technique I never would have thought of that. Your rugs look amazing.