Sunday, February 21, 2021

A Visit!

Our Sunday was bright and sunny with temps in the mid 30's.

Perfect for a visit from Sweet B and her family. We have not seen them it seems in forever! No Christmas, and no birthday! But today was the day! She ran in and hugged me so tight, how I have missed her. She gave her parents a hard time when it was time to go. She loves being with us as all things stop and all attention is just for her. There will be days in her life when she will not want her old grandparents around so we will indulge her until that happens. What a joyous day it was!

My daughter had several of our wedding pictures when her aunt cleaned out she passe them to my daughter. So she brought one to us. Sweet B asked why her mother was giving us pictures of random people lol. She had a very hard time believing it was her grandparents. Ahh youth.

I get the magnolia Journal magazine, not my favorite but this month they had this question. I could think of several things that are keeping me from what really matters to me, how about you?

So shall we see what is going on in the hooking room?
Husband made that sign some time ago perfect I would say.

I got a new table! At the habitat store for 40.00 I painted the trim black and husband put wooden blocks under the legs to make it counter height. a perfect work table. 

I hung up some of my rugs (there area a few I did not hook in there)
and ordered new bedding, it is on its way.

I have been working on herb angel just background left. and I may need to dye some more.

Saundra over at woodland junction is hosting a challenge....

You choose a pattern from her offers and hook it with fabrics and things you would not normally use like the very first rug hookers. They used what they had. So I gathered some cottons, vintage bark-cloth, some lace, seam binding, and some yarn. And I chose the tulip.
I kept it small so I could accomplish it. 

I have a whole new respect for the first rug hookers,this is not easy. I am at least started and will finish. But very glad I kept it small. You should visit Saundra's blog she is posting them as they are done. Amazing work. 

I am a week and half out from my second vaccine. It made the visit today possible. 
We are in for more snow tomorrow. Of course I have to drive an hour south to a Dr's appointment. I had to wait months to get into this Dr so cancelling is not a good option. 
But because we are getting fresh snow I will try snow dying, it seems to be everywhere this week. The Old Tattered Flag did a demo and lit a fire under all of the people with snow! There have been some amazing results. 
All of you in the South, I hope tonight finds you warm, healthy and fed. What a horror you have been through. I saw people in the north saying "what is the issue this happens to us all the time?" But we are prepared and lots of us have wood stoves or generators to get us through. 
Have a wonderful healthy week! 


Hill Top Post said...

How wonderful that hug from your Sweet B must have been after so long. I doubt there will ever be a time she doesn't want to be with her wonderful grandparents. I am so impressed with your wall of hooked rugs. There's a lot of fabulous work there. Is that the bed where Sweet B sleeps when she spends the night? I am liking your tulip hooked in whatever you had on hand.

Deb said...

So glad you got to see your granddaughter. It was fun to see your wedding picture. From the look of that tuxedo, we were married around the same time. (1979) Hope you have a great week. So glad you got your second Covid shot. It's a great relief. See you again soon.

Julia said...

I'm impressed with your display of rugs. It looks like rugs displayed at Sauder. Mine are still all rolled up in a pillowcase but I have some on the floor also that are being used every day. Wow, another rug on the go plus a rug challenge.

I'm glad Miss B. blessed you with a visit. I love miss B.'s comment about your wedding picture. That is so funny.

Take care, spring in on the way.

yaya said...

I'm glad you were able to see Miss B! I hope we can get a first shot one of these days. In the meantime I'm doing the best to be safe. I'm hoping by April to have my shots because I'd like to go to my Granddaughter's wedding shower. Her wedding is in June and I know she's hoping it will be OK to have everyone there. She's a nurse but refused the shot because of fertility issues. It's not recommended to get pregnant for 2 years post shots. So much we don't know about the vaccine but I'm still willing to get it...besides, I'm not getting preggo! Ha! Have a good week Cathy. Yes, it's easy to say what's the big deal when us northerners are used to cold and snow but when an area isn't equipped to handle it the people there water safe to drink or heat. And the stores don't have food. I hope they get relief soon even though it's warmer now.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your hooking room is so wonderful! Love your wall of rugs. The creative juices are really going to be flowing.
You have gotten a good start on your Tattered Tulip challenge piece. I've made a little progress and hope to make more today.
I bet both you and Miss B were very happy campers ;-)
That community center always has the best signs!!!

Jennifer said...

Condensation is a real problem. Lol So glad you got a visit from Sweet B. Random people pictures are fun until you realize you're in a couple of them. Love all the hooking.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Your rug room is just lovely! And the tulip you are hooking for your challenge is so unique. I think it is going to turn out lovely. Good luck on that drive down to the doctor's appointment!

Donna said...

Cathy i am so very happy for you...your visit with Miss B....hugs hugs and lots of hugs...that is wonderful. Your hooking room is looking great and very inviting! Hint hint. I don't know what the Magnolia magazine is...I can't believe I've not started Saundra's chalenge....I'd let better get myself over and check it out....I want to join...hope I'm not too late.
Miss you.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Tell Miss B I am with her in looking at old photos and not believing they are actually who they say they are....especially photos of me LOL. You were (and I am sure still are) a beautiful bride. So glad you all got some good ol' TLC in. Love your beautiful wall of rugs....there are some amazing ones in there! I happen to be partial to the ones with crows myself....especially that large one in the upper left of the photo. And great table!! Your challenge piece is looking great too... I am glad Saundra had people post photos of the textiles they are using because I am finding it unbelievable how they are translating in the the beautiful pieces I am seeing. Wow.... Ok, dying with snow??? I give??? ~Robin~

Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

I love all of your rugs. They are gorgeous!! Have a safe drive.

moosecraft said...

Hurray for hugs from Miss B! Cute comment about the "strangers" in the wedding photo! lol! Your hooking room is looking so cozy... especially with all of the rugs on the wall! I printed out the Magnolia page... and going to make a list... and get those listed items out of my days... we all need quality time to do the good! :-)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Sooooo happy you were able to visit again! I can almost feel that hug from here ♥

WoolenSails said...

I am so glad you can visit with miss B again, seeing our grandkids is the best medicine.
Your room looks wonderful and great table to work on, mine is too big and too short.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You are so fortunate, Cathy, in having been able to get not only a visit but hugs from granddaughter B. and also to have your 2nd vaccine. We hope to catch up on both counts with 2nd jab in mid-March and then perhaps an Easter visit with RI grands since we will be past the recommended 2 weeks afterwards. The wedding photos was fun to see. I will have to think a little about your question regarding the journal page...The rug hooking room is looking like a great space for you and a work table is always good especially for the price!

Dicky Bird said...

That is how I feel when my grand and adult children visit - everything else can wait. A bit older and wiser, I know that this time is more imporatant than a sink of dishes. Oh my your rugs!!! LOVE it all! Nice table too!