Sunday, March 7, 2021

I Like Big.....

Patterns......................what did you think I was going to say? I love working on larger rugs. Why? I have no idea. Smaller patterns are just to fiddly or I should say I just get going and it is time to bind it, my least favorite thing to do in rug hooking.
I found this in "The Rug Hook Book" and decided that I wanted to hook this piece. I had it enlarged to 33 by 46. Yup a big one!

I finished hooking Herb Angel, love the look on her face. Now to bind it.....sigh

Well of course I started another pattern while waiting to get more patterns I ordered. (More on that next week.)Ohhh such a sickness to many patterns not enough time. This was in a primitive quilts magazine.

I added a large bunny and I do think that the crow needs a limb or something to be on. The house has been several colors but I have decided on off white and the light brown on the side. The gray is coming out.

While flipping through things at work I found this. I texted it to my grand and she is all for us making these! Once the snow melts and we can get in the woods to collect our materials we are going to give it a try. She is so excited about it. We saw her today and she has come up with a love it!

Do these glasses make my eyes look big? I am trying the cross stitch I talked about last week. Ugg I feel blind as a bat! I will look to see if I can order a magnifying glass to help me out.

Tipping the scales...We have had these scales forever. But when we go to the Dr our weight is about 7 to 8 lbs more. Husband is convinced that it is the weight of the clothing. I take as much off at the Dr as possible in a common hallway without embarrassing myself, and still it is that far off...
Plus I have to wear my glasses to count the little lines on this scale and that adds weight lol..

So we got new scales. But when I bought them I did not know they were suppose to Judge me. When I step on they let me know if I have gained since the last time I was on them! I like a scale that quietly tells me my current weight with no other input. 

Speaking of weight, I keep making bread in the bread machine.
This is Ricotta loaf with my homemade pesto. Another new one for me and another keeper! Next time I would put more pesto in, I put a heaping tablespoon but I would double it next time.

And because I freeze any bananas that have gone by to use in bread later, I bought these. Six Bananas for 41 cents. I made some banana pudding and froze the rest for another time. 

Another week and other magazine. I picked this up at the market today. I am looking forward to a cup of tea and this magazine tonight. 
This also came out of a magazine and I am not sure which one, but I think it is well said or well written. Will we all reevaluate? Have you already? I know we have, I would love to hear your thoughts.

So I will close with one crappy picture. This is a very large red tail hawk sitting in our tree. It was a very cold morning and all of a sudden all the little birds were gone. We looked around and there he was. I tried to tell him there were lots nice, big, fat, gray squirrels to snack on. (they are destroying our birdhouses.) But he kept silent and looked around. I wonder what he did snack on that day? Maybe I don't want to know. 
Have a wonderful healthy week!


yaya said...

I hate wearing glasses. I never had to until I was around 55. Such a pain. I used to have a magnifying glass that attached to a table top. It had a light and worked great. I gave it away since the only time I used it was (I hate to even mention this) many, many years ago when my boys were in school and one dreadful day I got a call that they had....head lice! Yuck! The class all got it from the headsets from the computers back in the day. I'm sure it would work for something much nicer like rug hooking! A new magazine and some tea...right up my alley! I have found out that I don't miss restaurants too much and home is safe and my family has improved relationships with their kids. This may seem weird but having church in my home has made me feel closer to God. I study more on my own and now that we do meet in person for a shorter service I appreciate seeing the people that are my church family. I try to be more thankful for postal workers, delivery people, technology that keeps us in contact with family that we can't meet in person. I hope we all appreciate our health and have learned to be more prepared with essentials that might not be there in a crisis. And finally I sure hope we can be more kind to each other as we navigate this new normal that will soon be coming when the virus is under control. The End! Have a good week!

Julia said...

Cathy, having a hooking room surely has turned into a virtual hooking machine. You sure keep very busy. I don't know where you find the time to bake bread. I remember when I couldn't wait to get my work done to hook till my eyeballs dropped. But I put my rugs away to do other things and I never got back to it. I have no use for small rugs kitty except the Prim Cat hooking kit Lauren sent me a while back to hook. I use it to rest my scissors and tools on as it protects my table when I do stitching or other sewing projects. I use magnifying glasses that sit on my head to do close-up work. My eyesight is getting worse.

Your bread sounds delicious. I so love pesto and I would even put it directly on the slice.


Hill Top Post said...

No time on your hands either! I love the pattern you have chosen for the big rug. Herb angel turned out beautifully. I am afraid because of the pandemic I am more reclusive than ever.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I love the pattern you enlarged. It is on my bucket list. I even have it ready to put on linen...but not nearly as large as yours. Herb Angel came out so sweet.
What a fun project you found for you and Miss B. You will be making sweet memories.
For the cross stitch, you may want to check on an Ottlite with magnifying glass (though I am mad at!). I got mine at Joanne's with a good coupon so not too badly priced, but it's not portable. It is what enabled me to stitch on 40 ct linen.
I would NOT like a scale that chastised me!!!

Olde Dame Holly said...

I love that new, big pattern. I can't work on a large scale and I am not sure why that is. Herb Angel came out great! As to the COVID-19 new way of life, I have found it very scary. It happened so fast. Makes me cautious. And makes me really appreciate the little things.

JustGail said...

You are not the only one wearing 2 pair of glasses while stitching. I'm wearing readers over my regular glasses while trying to stitch 1 over 1 on 32 count and I think I'm going to try yet a bit higher power. Or something. Sadly the days of simply taking off my glasses to see close are gone since I no longer have an area where both eyes are in focus.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love your Herb Angel! I have her on linen in my "pile"! Love the next one you have chosen. Should be lots of fun picking colors. I have magnifying glasses that hook over my glasses...inexpensive from Amazon and work for me. I usually stitch in the daytime when the Florida sunshine is plentiful. Wonderful acorn people look like great fun...something my girl would enjoy. On Friday, Annie and will have been home for a full year. Can't believe it! Very hard to get the vaccine down here, but hope change is coming in the next few weeks. Have a great week!

Buttercup said...

I'm always disappointed when I go to the doctor and I'm up three or four pounds. I know it will happen, but it still surprises me. Now my scale at home is up four pounds and I've got to get working on that. I want my lighter clothes to fit me. So far, so good, but another few pounds could tip the balance.

Jennifer said...

That lounging acorn is so adorable. I think hawks are pretty. I can't remember what else you posted except all that pretty hooking work. Have a blessed week.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Dear Cathy,

We really could not begin to know how you manage such intricate designs and now venturing into even bigger and bolder patterns. Your Herb Angel is definitely a work of art, an interesting composition and choice of colours, all combined into a charming whole. You are obviously a very talented needlewoman. As for us, we can barely thread a needle.

We fully sympathise with your glasses problems. After having paid what seemed like the debt of a small third world country, we left the opticians with spectacles which we believed would enable us to see up close, far away and everything in between. However, it just does not seem to work. Either the light is too bright or too dim, what one is reading needs to come ever closer and then, one abandons the spectacles for ever in favour of peering at close quarters. How you manage all those fiddly little details we have no idea but we do admire you for it.

Prims By The Water said...

Love the new pattern you chose. Cannot wait to see the colors you choose for this one. Herb Angel is nice! I actually was able to hook a few hours Saturday and Sunday on my Animal Cracker rug I started months ago. How cute is that acorn artwork! Janice

moosecraft said...

I find that age had already brought me to reevaluate... but, top it off with 2020, and I'm practically a different person! lol! Funny thing...I had been whining about too many crazy flavors/varieties of things in the stores... for instance a whole wall of toothpaste? Do we really need a jumbo peanut butter cup filled with reeses pieces and caramel? What about Dunkin Donut flavored cereal? Cotton Candy flavored Captain crunch? And folks wonder why the pharmaceutical companies are such "fat cats"? ;-) I also notice the Amazon deliveries at my neighbors houses... EVERY day... then when garbage pickup day comes, they have a HUGE pile at the curb? Why not save time and resources and just take a match to your dollars? lol! Very wasteful... anyways, I've reevaluated AND simplified. I figure if I have my hubby, kitty and home... I'm the richest gal I know! ;-)
LOVELY rugs! The Herb Angel is perfection, and yes, her face is sweet! The urn rug is going to be gorgeous when done... what friendly color will that snake be? lol!
Anyways..... enjoy your days... be happy!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok, I confess: You had me at "big" LOL. Then I read it it was big RUGS. 😉 Seriously, I am probably the opposite of you as I tend to "lose interest" easily. My "beast" has been "slumbering" for close on a year now. Probably time to resurrect him. I do love the new design you've chosen....So many color palette options would work beautifully, and I am sure you will choose beautifully. I, too, think you did a great job on herb're right: the look on her face is perfect. Have fun doing your acorn folk. Looks like a fun project, but not sure what you'll use for the eyes? Our acorns all come basically one size here. You're so cute with your double glasses. I take my bifocals off, then use a very high powered "cheater" (think I am at 4.25??) and THEN look under a lighted magnifier floor lamp (mine is a "Mighty Bright" and I love it). I think we must be living parallel lives...I made bread today (just old fashion sourdough...I don't have a bread machine), have bananas on my counter waiting to be made into bread (or froze!) and had a dr visit today and argued with them (like I do every time) that their scales easily add 8-10# to my weight.Every.Single.Time. And that new scale of yours??? It'd be going back ha ha. ~Robinm~

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Close up work is so frustrating since I had cataract surgery which corrected far distance, but did nothing for near vision. The catch here is that Medicare fully pays for the "standard" far vision surgery (all of it) but will not pay anything for near vision. I understand there is a procedure which will allow a person to see both, but it's out of pocket. My solution is to have cheap readers all over - kitchen, bedroom, LR and bathroom. And when I go out I wear a corrective close vision contact in my left eye. It does work and lets me "see" the labels when we're shoppng instead of always having to ask my husband what they say! Bathroom scales are not our favorite things in the house. I do not get a weigh in on our annual wellness exam, but rather tell the nurse (honestly) what I weighed in at home that morning, sans clothes at home. They are never happy with my refusal, but really can not require it.

Dicky Bird said...

We have a digital scale and it tells all my secrets as well....ahaha. Your breads are sounding so good. The onion in the last post would be a weakness for me - warm slices, lathered with butter - would be gone in one sitting. I also like nature crafts.