Sunday, January 19, 2020

A Weather Man Rant....

It was all planned 5 hookers (rug) from Maine,NH, Vermont, and   up state New York would meet at the our friend and rug hooker in NH. We would meet on Friday and leave on Sunday. 
We had our food planned, we had our rug hooking planned, and we had our wine planned. Then the weather man said "SNOW, LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS MOST OF THE DAY SUNDAY HE SAID!!! So they all dropped out and I was left at home. And guess what? We got 4 inches and it was sunny and beautiful by Sunday morning!!! I was so mad!!! We live in New England why in the H_ _ _ was it made into such a big deal??? Why is it ever made into a big deal???
No wonder everyone has anxiety! just listening to the weather and the news will throw you over the edge!!!

I swear they get a kick back from the grocery stores.

So I hooked. This is number 10 for my stair risers 4 more to go.
I like them, I am just ready for them to be done. This one is in honor of my husband who was a firefighter for years.

And husband worked on his puzzle...Yep a fire truck.

I got the pile of wool of the spare bed and into the bins. Yep this is an organized as it will get.

And this is the other half of the closet. My aunt turned 96 on Sat she crochets everyday. I hope I live that long to use up some of this wool!

Husband put together my new suitcase?? If I was British I would call it a trolley  ( I think I have watched way to much Acorn TV) I will use it to transport my wool to hook ins etc. It has larger wheels. 

My amaryllis is in full bloom for the second time.
The only bright spot in the house. 
I shoveled the back deck, the front walkway, roof raked the porch roof and shook the snow off my burning bushes as they were all bent down from the snow. I took a shower and called it a day.
Yep I never went anywhere! 
I also made these for little gifts for my peeps but again 
we didn't make it. So I will keep them for hopefully next time.
wine corks with acorn tops for your plant pots.
Have a great week!
Rant Over 


Saundra said...

Am so SORRY for the UN-trip, UN-snow, UN-hooking event. I'd be totally pissed too.
Last April I had to drop out of camp I'd been looking forward to because of a health issue. I was totally pissed then and it was MY health issue.
Pour yourself a glass of wine and hook.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Just a test comment.

yaya said...

Oh man, I'm sorry the gathering fizzled. I've had the weather blues many times after planning a party or other events. Even had a tornado ruin my son's wedding reception here many years ago. I think the weather folks love to dramatize stuff because they have to justify their jobs! Maybe that's not a fair assessment... Mother Nature doesn't always play fair! Hope your week goes better than the weekend!

Prims By The Water said...

So sorry to hear your hook in was cancelled. We had about 5 inches and then freezing rain on top of that, then back to rain and then more snow. It was not fun over here. Your plant pokes are adorable. Look forward to seeing your new stair riser and how nice that your aunt still crochets at her young age. Hope your week starts off good. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

So sorry. The weatherguessers act like it never snowed before in Ohio, too.
Beautiful amaryllis. I was gifted the hugest bulb I have ever seen but it was slow to start growing. I should have flowers in a couple of weeks.
Wow! Your wool is less organized than mine, but if it works for you, great.
I’m sure you are looking forward to finishing your stair risers. Can’t wait to see them all!

moosecraft said...

Yes...the weathermen are very unpredictable...we were supposed to get 4 inches snow on saturday....but it was only an inch...maybe. I know that old saying "you can't predict the weather"....BUT, why invest those billions of bucks into all that fancy computerized equipment to try and predict the weather then? lol!
Anyways....looks like you made the best of that oil painting...can't forget THE "paper"!