Monday, September 2, 2019

The Wool Room

On my walk I found this guy not sure if he is predicting a bad winter but he is very fuzzy.

Sweet B came over for an overnight. Pepe gave her a tractor driving lesson. Which she loved! 

Then we took her into the attic to retrieve one of the several boxes of her mothers barbie dolls and stuff. First she had no idea there was an attic in our house and after she got up there she says "Does Mom know about this?" lol So she chose one tub to come down stairs to go through and as you can see Pep was a big help! She had a blast and told me it was hard to think that her mother was ever her age. 

I took over a spare bedroom that no one has ever used except me. The floor is not finished. (On the long list of things to do) but it serves the purpose. This is the room where Sweet B announced I needed a yard sale! So It was time to clean

Trust me it was way worse than these pictures show. So I organized. I have a box of stuff to donate. and now maybe now I can find something when I am looking for it. Sorry forgot to take an after picture.

I have been working on this rug and I have about 4 things to rip out. I do not like the house purple, I do not like the gate white, not sure about the moon yet and hate the green for the grass of the graveyard. So that is all I have to say about that yikes! 
I leave next Sunday for my week on Star Island with other hookers.
I just pray for calm seas to get out there as the hurricane left overs will be in our area. 
I worked Sat and today but I have Friday off so that will help with getting everything ready to go to Star Island.
Have a great week! 


Julia said...

I can see that Miss B. is having a lot of fun but I think that Pepe has just as much fun. It's so cool that you still have all your daughter's barbies and that your granddaughter is going through her mom's toys.

It's so convenient to have a spare bedroom to use as temporary storage. I have one too. Sometimes, it's neat as a pin and other times it's a chaos.
About that white caterpillar, I sure hope it not a predictor of a lot of snow. lol.

Take care. I hope that you had a great Labor Day rest.
Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

That is so dang cute about miss B and thinking her mother was never her age. Bet it was FUN for her to go thru her mom's things. OH MY great for granddad to give her a driving lesson on a big tractor. Wish I knew how to drive one.

Isn't is funny how we hook and the critique ourselves? If you read my blog you know recently a couple of my rugs were changed. Changes are good but hate to do it.

yaya said...

A little girls dream...finding treasures in an attic! How fun! Plus if she takes them home they are now out of your house and it makes more room for your stuff. I've been cleaning out and trying to get rid of stuff this past year. I've made a little dent and hopefully will one day be able to feel free. I'll look forward to the after pic BTW! Have a great time with the other hookers on your vacation.

Hill Top Post said...

Oh what a fun age your Sweet B is! I taught fourth and fifth graders for many, many years and loved them dearly! Kids do say the darndest things! Your rug is looking great, even though you don't care for the purple house. I never make anything without ripping out a dozen things and sometimes even starting over.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Love the comment wondering if her mom knew about the attic.
LOL. You must share the after picture before the wool room gets trashed again. It is so hard to keep it least for me.
Star Island sounds like so much fun. Wishing you calm seas, lots of laughter and hooking, and of course wine 😊
Hugs ❤️

Mugwump Woolies said...

How fun for all of you to take a trip down Memory Lane with Miss! Great progress on your rug. Have a great week!

Prims By The Water said...

How sweet to have Miss B be able to play with her mom's dolls! Hopefully Dorian will get the heck out of the way of the can hope and pray. Have fun at the island! Janice

Three Sheep Studio said...

Treasures from the attic and the memories they hold !
Your rug looks great. Will you be taking it with you to the rug hooking retreat ?