Sunday, September 15, 2019

Back From Star.....

It Seems like a blur... The time slipped by quickly.

We arrived on a beautiful sunny day, calm seas..

The Island always tugs at my heart, no matter how many years I have been going.

The chapel is lit at night for services by people carrying lanterns to the service.

The sky, the sun, the ocean, the sounds of the birds sigh...

This is always a wake up call on how harsh the island must of been to live on in the 1800's 

This reminded me of Andrew Wyeth's art. The sound of the curtains flapping in the breeze was soothing..

We painted silk scarfs with paints that darken when exposed to light. A wonderful gift from our leader Pam. Each one was different.

And there was an artist in residence there painting and selling his artwork. He was happy to talk about his art and the process.

We walked all over the island. This was a path that goes to the rocks so you can watch the waves crash over the shore.

This was the porch, great for ocean watching and the bell was rung to call us to meals.

And of course we were there to hook and hook we did. This was our throw down...

Can you believe this cat??? Wow amazing!

And look at this study in white!!! It is a beauty!

We had two friends from Nova Scotia that were with us last year. 
They picked rose pedals and took them home and made wine for this year!
It was wonderful! We had some amazingly creative people that is for sure. 

The island has had muskrats since the early 1800's but this year there were a lot of them. Usually we do not see them but this year we saw them a lot. They did not want to be around us so no worries.

There were new flower barrels this year still pretty beautiful.

The sunsets were amazing as always.
We came off the island before the full moon but it was still pretty.
When you go off the island there is a chant "You will come back, You will come back" I sure hope if the good lord is willing I will.
I met Lucy from wooly mason jar. What a pleasure!
and Sara from Paisley Studio,what a joy she is!
So happy to meet these amazing, lovely ladies.
Have a wonderful week.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Star Island sounds like a bit of heaven ❤️❤️❤️
So happy to hear it was once again wonderful.
Please share what you are working on.

yaya said...

I feel like I've just taken a mini vacation with you! That looks like a really amazing place and I'm sure your hooking was wonderful too. I would have a super hard time leaving. I'm not a rug hooker but I do love photography and I bet there were plenty of things to snap a pic at. Glad you had fun and I also hope you get to go back again and again!

Hill Top Post said...

Spending time with others who challenge and inspire you is just the greatest...especially in such a beautiful place. Oh, you lucky you!

Julia said...

It sounds like a wonderful hooking retreat. So beautiful by the water and you are lucky to have met Lucy and Sarah.
That cat rug is amazing. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
Hugs, Julia

woolwoman said...

fun reading about your day full of adventure and inspiration. like you said - hope you get to return to do it all over again. Mel

Saundra said...

Wonderful photos from a week of glorious fun.

moosecraft said...

What an amazing place...especially for a retreat....and meals at the ring of a bell? Sign me up! :-)
Gorgeous rugs for the throw down...yes, indeed....a little taste of heaven! :-)

Judy said...

What a week of delight!
Yes, I do love the Cat rug.

L said...

Such a beautiful post, amazing photos, I really enjoyed this!