Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wrapping Up Another Week...

Today I went to the dump with my husband I haven't been in a while so it was nice to shop the swap shop.
Yes my dump has a lovely newish building that has a large room with shelves all around you can put things that someone else may want. Or you can shop it yourself (free) and as our dump attendant
always says they they have a great return policy.

I found some wonderful books! Getting ready to tuck in for those long winter nights ugh!

I found these on my walk the other day. Shades of what is to come.

And while weeding my garden I found this guy.
I know there is a lot of old folk lore around these guys. If they are super fuzzy it means lots of snow and cold. Not sure what he is saying for the winter to come...

But my fairy roses are on their second bloom this year and as you can see by the buds they are going to be blooming for awhile yet.

We are in for a hot week I do not like the humidity but this too shall pass.
Have a great week everyone!


yaya said...

I think the idea of the dump is so fun and practical! I would have a lot to unload but I'm betting I'd find some treasures too. It's hot and humid right now with showers here and there but cool temps are coming and I'm planning my Fall d├ęcor. I know, I know, the cold comes after the beauty of Fall but I so love that time of year. Anyway, have a good week and enjoy those lovely roses!

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you found some goodies at the dump :) It's been forever since you mentioned it.
Have a great week, too.

Judy said...

We are in for (another) hot/humid week too.
I don't like it one bit. Hot weather makes me sick to my stomach.
I need to lift and transplant my Iris, so I am hoping for a pleasant September and nice October.
Then--we know what comes next, but I rather enjoy snow, so...................

Julia said...

It's so nice that you have that dump to find free treasures that are useful and that you can get rid of your own unwanted things. I think is a great idea to keep stuff out of the trash dump. Those books will keep you busy for a little while.
I need to pull and divide my iris too and amend the soil. It's a job that is hard on the old back.
Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

That first book on top looks like a great one.
If nuts falling has any indication of winter weather, it will be a harsh one.

Prims By The Water said...

I forgot about the caterpillar lore. We use to look for the black and brown ones. If they had more black than brown, it meant a harsher Winter. Not sure if it was true or not, but it was fun as a kid to find them. I have not read a book in years...maybe it is time to pick some up for the long Winter evenings myself. Thanks for the idea! Janice

moosecraft said...

Oh boy....I wish we had a ta da dump! :-)
Love those roses! Yes....we are heat and humidity all week here too...rumor has it that Friday night might dip down to 59! Whoo-hooo!

Three Sheep Studio said...

When I see those wooly bears, I still find myself counting how many black vs brown ones and what kind of winter will we have ! A room of tossed treasures to exchange from - what a great idea !

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
What a fun and creative name for a great place to find treasures!! Looks like you scored in the book department, too!! I think we all need a visit to the dump!!!
We are still in the midst of hot weather here in AZ and the high today is 111 degrees!!
No fuzzy caterpillars here!! Staying inside where it is cool and dreaming about the fall!!
Hope you have a great week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo