Sunday, July 7, 2019

Forest Bathing...

Forest Bathing is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku which means taking in the forest atmosphere.

It is not a new idea the naturalist John Muir quotes' are full, 
" climb the mountains and get their good tidings"
But now there is a lot of  research saying it can make a positive impact 
on your health, from your blood pressure to your mental health.

I walk everyday on a shady dirt road and today we headed out for our first paddle of the summer. As soon as we got on the water the loons greeted us and were showing off their new tiny little baby.

It was so good for the soul! 
There are lots of books on this subject and while it sounds new age there is nothing new about it. If at all possible take a nice slow walk in the woods (or a paddle)

I hope your fourth was a nice one. We have a little town celebration and this year was an apple pie contest. I got out of work at three and had to drop the pie off by 6:30 and it was HOT! I made an effort and my crust cracked but husband talked me into putting them in anyway (you had to bake 2) and I won second place!!! 
Thanks to my husband for being my biggest cheerleader!!!

We have had some warm night so we sit on the porch and play cards. One of our favorite things to do. We keep the lights as dim as we can so we can watch the fireflies in the yard at night while we are out there.

Sat we headed to Maine for a family cookout. It was the day of the support rally for the 7 motorcycle riders that were killed. As you can see what a turn out! They felt 3000 plus made the trip to that tiny little town and the memorial. A wonderful fund raiser also for the families left behind.

I won a book a couple of weeks ago from Karen, at Crow's foot farm. This is the sweetest book and great ideas. So happy to have won it.

And speaking of books I have been cleaning out closets and drawers and taking things to the thrift store. The lady who runs the thrift store has the same taste in books as I do. So she passed this on. It is a fictional account of Christina in the painting by Andrew Wyeth.
He was a Maine painter and I have known that painting most of my life. It was a great book and a good summer read.
Well back to work tomorrow we have a couple of things we want to do this week and the weather looks good. 
Have a great week!


Julia said...

It looks like you are taking in the good life. I love walking through the trees but haven't done it in years. Congratulations on your winning second place in the pie contest. I have no doubt why you won. I'm sure it was very delicious. Winning the blogger give away is always so pleasant. I just love the sound of loons, we hear them sometimes on the river but not often. There some near my daughter's cottage at the lake. I love the haunting sound they make.
Enjoy the new week.
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

It sounds like you are enjoying the summer. Too bad it passes so quickly.
Congrats on your 2nd place finish in the pie baking contest and congrats on your book win. What will be the third win? I hope something BIG 😊
That memorial had to be very moving. Just seeing that many bikes heading there would bring me to tears. Such a sad event.

Saundra said...

Although I've never had a sample, there was no doubt you'd win as you are one heck of a baker. I'm very familiar with Andrew Wyeth's works and was lucky enough to see many in person. Amazing to see the very detail of the fibers shooting off from the rope pulley which rang the church bell. The intricate lace on the blowing curtain at the window.
Enjoy the remainder of the summer.

Heather said...

Ah, what a lovely sounding summer! I admit, we have no plans and Im starting to feel a little cranky about it :) You know, I saw that book at the bookstore the other day and thought it sounded interesting! Might have to give it a second look!

Prims By The Water said...

Would love to be out their listening to the loons. WOOHHOO I taking 2nd place! So glad hubby talked you into entering. I had read about the memorial ride. Looks like it was a great turnout. That driver should have had his license taken away before that accident. Horrible tragedy. Janice

Kay G. said...

Isn't it funny? My husband and I say we have been forest bathing for years! We really do in the humidity of Georgia in the summer!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Sound like the perfect way to enjoy summer!! You live in such a beautiful area!! Congrats on the two wins!! Kudos to your hubby for his support!! Did he also get a pie?
Thank you for the info about that book I had asked you about, too!! What a moving tribute to the bikers, and I'm sure many appreciated seeing that strong show of support!!
Have a wonderful week!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

yaya said...

We have 4 acres of woods so I have no excuse for not taking a walk in the woods..or as we call it, The Creepy Woods..nicknamed by my Granddaughter when she was little! I would love a screened in porch since we have a ton of mosquitoes this time of year after all our wet weather in Spring and beginning of Summer. Your lake looks so beautiful! Enjoy! I hope your week is a good one!

Mugwump Woolies said...

I love the forest bathing theory. There are many Netflix clips of walks in the woods and I put them on as I am writing or stitching. You are so fortunate to experience the real thing every day! Would love to hear those loons! Congrats on your pie win! I have only been to Maine once, but would love to see it again some day.