Sunday, July 21, 2019

Au Natural....

There is a beautiful barn...
Down a sweet dirt lane...

That was beautiful both front and back..

With an amazing silo....

With windows that tilted in....

That has an amazing woolery...

That holds the fleece and yarn made from the sheep in the fields...

That hosted an all natural dye weekend. All of these colors come from nature. And since I was the only hooker I dyed some of my wool fabric too! Can you believe these colors come from plants?

There were spinners and drop spindle demonstrations. 

Needle felting too. It was such a wonderful weekend the only issue it was hotter than the hinges to hell!!!! Lord it was hot. So we did fans and lots of water and ice cream. I felt very lucky to invited to join this amazing group of fiber artists.( and yes I had not met these ladies before) I hope to be back next year.
But back at home our grand daughter was not here but those fairies kept building on! Now they have settled right in.

And my gardens have bloomed. This is called Priscilla's garden after my sweet friend who passed away a few years ago. All the plants and hens and chicks came from her garden over the years.

Tonight we headed to the lake got a table and watched the boats and listened to the band.
We even got to see the big one come and go.

First time for clams this summer and they were very good!
I am tired and hot and sticky I am headed for a cold shower and the only place that has air conditioning in the house (our bedroom) 
I do not do well with the heat so I will be more than glad when it passes.
Have a wonderful week!


JBen said...

Was a NH girl for 30 yrs, I love your blog and am now living in SW Va. keep the wonderful insight coming...miss my old home June in Fancy Gap, Va.

Saundra said...

My mouth is watering for those clams!!!! I purchased a spindle at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival many years ago and have never done anything with it...unfortunately. Am sure you had a wonderful experience there.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What an amazing barn and those colors. WOWZA! So happy you had the opportunity to attend. I give you lots of credit. I am not good going somewhere where I know no one.
Priscillas's garden is beautiful. I hope it reminds you of happy times with your friend.

yaya said...

What beautiful colors that wool has! I would love to visit and just enjoy the beauty of that place! This heat wave is crazy and I hope it ends for you this week as it's suppose to do for us. Of course that just brings in more storms but if it makes it cooler I'm all for it. Your memory garden is lovely. What a nice way to remember a friend. Stay cool and have a good week!

newburyarts said...

*****Funny...Priscilla was in my thoughts on sunday morning. she must have been
urging me to get moving and send you a package. i'll mail it on Monday. make it
for your granddaughter...
hot here on the coast too. I don't do well with this stuff. imagine living
in it all summer long. we did when we lived for a few years in Philadelphia. I can
still remember the sweat running down into my eyes while washing dishes.
almost the end of july!

Prims By The Water said...

That barn reminds me of one in our area that is an octagon one. They do demonstrations like your barn did. So glad you were able to be a part of history. The lake looks beautiful. We decided to go to the river and eat dinner last night, but only one big freighter went by. Hope you have a good day and Priscilla's garden is looking good! Janice

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! The weather was not favorable for such a retreat...though looks like some gorgeous woolens were made! :-) Fried I want them for breakfast! lol! Cooler here today with some much needed rain...I hope your area gets some relief today too!

Julia said...

Wow, love the barn and those natural dye colors are amazing. It's too bad you didn't have a friend to go with you to this wonderful dyeing workshop. I usually go to gathering alone but it's more fun when you can go with a friend. Those clams are looking so tempting. My husband and went out to our regular seafood restaurant last Sunday for fried clams and fries. The portions were so big. I couldn't finish my fries but the clams were all gobbled up.
Take care, Hugs, Julia

wisps of words said...

What a beautiful place, to spend the crafting weekend! And what lovely photos you took. Even though the weather did not fully cooperate! ,-)

And I am happy the faeries are really settled in. When the "Grand" visits again, they will welcome her back.

Yes, it's been hot/sticky weather here tooooo! And also Yes, it broke last night! Thankfully!!! Glad to not have to turn on the wall A/C units. One in den and one in hearth room. They take care of the downstairs, where we now live. In fact, we only use one at a time. Depending on which "end" of the house, we are in.

That sounds like our house is huge, and it is _not_!!!! :-) The den A/C cools the den and bedroom. The hearth room one, does there, and the kitchen. Doors inbetween. I do love doors!!!!

What a dreamy place to eat! What delightful views. Lucky you.

Gentle cooling hugs... :-)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Looks like a wonderful place and such gorgeous colors! So sorry it was hot! That makes things so miserable, but ice cream sure does help!!!
I am not good with humidity and can sympathize with you about that! We have dry heat in AZ most of the time but this is our Monsoon season so the humidity is with us for several months and I stay where it is cool as much as possible!! So very thankful for our AC!!!
Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo