Sunday, April 14, 2019

Out Of This World

We took sweet B for her Birthday overnight adventure.
Very late as her birthday is in Dec. We still had a wonderful time.
We went to the discovery center. Named after our teacher in space that had that horrid accident on lift off and Shepard another very successful astronaut from NH.

Sweet B got the biggest kick out of this camera. We are all losing heat from our face lol. 

We stayed in a hotel and she got to swim her favorite! 
 We had the best time she makes us laugh and surprises us with her very smart answers on things that we thought she would have no idea about. 

We picked up a couple of kits for dying eggs this one was emoji eggs. I blew out 6 eggs set her up and she did the rest. Next weekend she will do 6 more a different way. So what to do with the 6 eggs I blew out? I made quiche very good quiche if I do say so myself. Saute peppers and onions with bacon and cheese, yumm

And we had brown bread with it. I have not had this in awhile. My dad's mother use to have this when we visited. Very good and a nice bread to go with quiche. 
Well Sunday again I am headed to get the PJ's on and call it an early night. 

Have a wonderful  week!


yaya said...

So fun to have a special day with Miss B! Looks like an awesome place to visit. We used to have brown bread when I was younger. I always loved it but haven't thought about it in years! I just might have to try it! No quiche for me since I can't have eggs...dang! Have a great week and enjoy Easter!

Julia said...

I love the cool space photo and the heat detecting photos. I can see Miss having a great time. I think quiche is a great way of using those blown eggs.
Take care, Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and fun late Birthday for Miss B.
I used to love brown bread, miss things like that at the holidays.


Prims By The Water said...

What a great place to take sweet B for her belated birthday. That was such a tragic event in our space program, Your Faces are cool. Reminds me of the time gramma B and I had a ghost ride along with us on a Disney ride. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

Making memories with Miss B. Priceless ❤️

Saundra said...

I love quiche but sadly don't make it. Heavens, I haven't had brown bread in ages and loved that too. Often I'd put cream cheese on it but was even delicious with nothing.