Sunday, February 3, 2019

winter fatigue...

We have been cold and snowy this past week.
Pond Hockey was held on the lake this weekend.
It brings lots of people to the area. When they started the games 
on Friday it was minus 3 but it did warm up to the 30's by Sunday.

Down the lake there is an air strip that is used by lots of planes.
Very cool.

We have had more snow than I care for and way more cold than any winter needs brrr ,minus 14 on my way to work on Monday.

The good news is the ground hog didn't see his shadow so an early spring is on the way I hope...
Have a great week 
Go Patriots!!!


Prims By The Water said...

I agree...Go Pats! Having ice hockey outside looks like it would have been fun to watch. The temps rose today for us and we are out of that Polar Vortex now. Hoping Spring comes soon. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

I, too, hope for an early spring. Today was glorious. 50+* and sunny.
Hope you beloved Pats make you happy tonight.

Julia said...

Our cold temperatures have left and today, although overcast and dreary, it feels a whole lot warmer.

How cool to have planes landing on the ice.

Hockey on the pond looks so nice. It reminds me of my youth. I was always on the ice even though my old pair of ill-fitting figure skates, I made due and had a great time with my friends. I played hockey with boys and girls and my older brother hit me in the face with the puck, I figured the game was not for me and never played again after that.
The winters didn't seem to be as cold then, even though we had more snowfalls. 44 more days to Spring.
Stay safe and warm. Only 44 more days to spring. I'm knocking the days off, one by one.
Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

I read on Facebook where January was described as a cold, gray bucket of suck! Ha! February has been kinder so far...50's over the weekend, 59de today and lots of snow has melted...only the mud and squishy yards are left! Hope this hits your area ASAP! Hang in there!

Kay G. said...

It might break a record for heat here in Georgia tomorrow. They predict 80 degrees! It will cool down just after and two days later, the high will be 50. February is not my favorite month! Not fond of Valentine's Day either! LOL!