Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Sun Has Set...

The sun has set on another weekend, why do they go so fast???
I started the weekend by going to see Mary Po pins with my sweet friend. I really enjoyed it, not as great as the first one but I still found this sweet and funny with a message.

I got this snowman as a gift this year and it is so me. I have left it
out on the kitchen window for awhile. All other Christmas is packed up and put away, I do have a couple of boxes that need to go in the attic but I am in pretty good shape.

I also left this spoon out, I love this crazy wooden spoon.

It is hand painted in the bowl of the spoon.

Because we have all been so sick I cleaned the house top to bottom.
And lit the little house balsam incense for a feel good smell. I am hoping that all sickness is at an end. I opened the windows for a few minutes to let all the fresh air in and the germs out. I started with a cold on Sat but I have used the zinc nose swabs and they seem to be doing the trick thank goodness!! 

Husband traded our coin jar in for $, our mad money. Even though I need new brakes and tires this week ugg will it ever stop?

So I had my first ever root canal it didn't hurt but I have a phobia 
of dentist in general, not fun.  I get my crown in 10 days. So for now I have to only eat on one side and be careful. I have discovered this yogurt I am not a big yogurt eater but soft and easy to eat works for now. This yogurt tastes great. and I have lost 4 lbs just because it is so hard to eat and don't want to deal with it.

I am back hooking on my stair risers I have lost interest so I am trying to finish up the 6th one. I have pressed the first three and will do a very quick binding and get them installed on the stairs. Maybe that will get my interest going again. 
Have a wonderful week we are in for a couple of storms, I am so ready for spring!


Jennifer Gail said...

Love the wooden spoon!

yaya said...

I hope those storms aren't too bad. I'm glad you're on the mend and perhaps this will be the beginning of good health for this year. I'd keep that cute snowman out too! He's adorable! Have a good week!

WoolenSails said...

To me it seems the weeks go by too fast, lol.
I got hit with a bug myself, finally at the tail end.


Julia said...

Hi Cathy, I'm sorry you've been so sick this winter. I'm glad for you that you got that root canal done. I don't care to go to the dentist either. It' s not friendly like it used to be years ago. It seems like it's all about money now.
I love your kitchen snowman he's adorable. The spoon can stay till spring. It's beautiful.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

Root canals are not fun. The first one they cracked my molar and had to have it pulled. Then the second one was so deep that I had to go to a specialist. Cannot wait to see your stair risers! Also a fun snowman indeed! Janice

P.J. said...

Wishing everyone back to wellness. I may have look for that yogart. Beautiful sunset. You'll have to post a few pics of your riser projects soon.

Mary A said...

Root canals are no fun but they are a godsend when you need one! Love your snowman and wooden spoon! Opening the windows to banish illness is a good habit to get into.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Looking forward to seeing your stair risers!
Sorry about the root canal diet but losing a few pounds is always good 😊 Now you just need to remain healthy.
I, too, cashed in my coins for fun money. I had $180... a record for me, but darn, local hook shop is having a wool sale and it's calling my name. Not like I NEED
Your baker snowman is too sweet.

moosecraft said...

So glad your root canal went well! The better the dentist, the easier it you've found yourself a good one! :-) Christmas decorations are away for another year in my home too....brought out a few Valentine's for some color. Love that little spoon! Hopefully all of those nasty germs went out the window!

Three Sheep Studio said...

Beautiful sunset with the stark, black trees.
Love the painted wooden spoon.
Just the word Root Canal, makes me shudder !
Hope all goes well.

Diane Mars said...

Happy New Year I love the wooden Spoon!Oh and about those tags I have been making I think I'll group them together in batches and put them in my Easy Shop!