Sunday, October 14, 2018

feeling Blessed

I was up and out early for a walk it was 34 degrees, Brisk and sunny. Makes you walk just a little faster.

Perfect for a very long walk on this amazing day.

Our color is in full amazing fall color, our highest peak got lots of snow and rime ice.( When fog freezes.) Some of the ski areas in Vermont reported snow. I am happy to say we did not get any.

Sat a new friend and I headed out for a hook in put on by my guild.
This is a friend ship rug you pass it around to your friends and they do a square based on your likes or personality. 

I think that is a pretty fun idea. 

out of focus but still wonderful.

Loved this purse 

again out of focus lord I am awful at pictures! but great color

Another wonderful piece the hooking was perfect.
Very small cut but as you can see it is like a picture.

Lauren's gifts the sunflower is on a spring and the pumpkin is hand torn wonderful!!!

The back of the pumpkin is as wonderful as the front.
I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family
I am blessed with good health and to live in this amazing house in this wonderful town. I try to count my everyday. I have many to count.
I have a busy week coming up girls night Tuesday and then I am meeting my friend for a night reception at castle in the clouds.
I have talked about the castle before. I will take some pictures hopefully.It will be night time some of the time.
Have a great week


Saundra said...

Lucky you; Lauren hooks perfectly and am sure that pumpkin was a prime example. That one framed piece looks like a Maude Lewis design.

Prims By The Water said...

What a wonderful friendship rug. Who gets to keep it when it finished? What wonderful gifts Lauren gave you. they are wonderful! Janice

WoolenSails said...

I am sad I missed coming up, seems my plans this year, keep getting messed up, maybe next year we can take some vacations without something going wrong, lol. I saw that they got snow, would have loved taking fall photos with the snow in the background. Sounds like you had a nice visit and wonderful gifts. I have been to the castle, a few years after we got married, but the store spilled something on our roll when they were developing it, so we lost most of them. Love having digital, so much better.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Hook ins are so much fun and so inspiring. What great memories in a friendship rug.
Dang that we missed the fall colors, but still a wonderful trip.
We must count our blessing each and every day. We could not ask to live in a better country!!! We are truly blessed to be born American.
Hugs :)

Judy said...

Beautiful scenery where you live.
Something about the briskness of fall, wakes us up and make us feel alive.
Gone the heaviness of the summer heat and humidity--for a brief time, then, closed up in the house again with the cold and snow of winter.
I do love Autumn!

moosecraft said...

Gorgeous colors and what a crisp sky! Beautiful rugs that little bird one! Enjoy the season!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful blessings, such amazing hand crafts, wow, amazing! You inspire us to embrace the season,

Julia said...

You are right about counting our blessings each day. We have so many.
You and Lauren are busy girls. I love your beautiful gifts.
The friendship rug is a great idea. Enjoy the rest of your beautiful foliage. It won't be long before we see snow on the ground.
It was 0℃ or 32 ℉ this morning. Brrr
Hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

I love Lauren's gifts to you. I love her hand torn pumpkins. It is so good to be thankful. After being sick this whole month, I have been so thankful to feel good. I think you live in a wonderful place too. Lovely photos.

yaya said...

You are so blessed and I do love your home...especially that fabulous porch! Our color hasn't arrived in full force yet but I'm hopeful for some nice leaf peeping soon! It's been cold here too and they are calling for snow on Sunday. Our town had a Fiber Festival this past weekend but I couldn't make it and I was thinking of you and how fun it would have been to show it to you on my blog...maybe next year! Have a good rest of the week!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I am loving your pics of the dark blue skies and golden leaves.
I have been to Castle in the clouds. Gorgeous ! It is truly a beautiful and amazing place.
Enjoy your busy week.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing all the beautiful handmade items. I am stitching again and it sure feels great. And I count my blessings's a wonderful way to live! Happy weekend!