Sunday, August 26, 2018

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I know I have told you our summer has been unusually warm
and humid. Well we have mushrooms growing every where and in colors I have never seen before. 

This is an old tree stump that we usually put a pot of flowers on but this year the flowers never got put on. So I guess it decided to decorate it's self.

Since the weather has turned I have started baking again. This is a recipe from King Arthur Flour, amazing! It is my husband's new favorite. Here is the link It is easy and cheese cake like. If you are on facebook you should like King Arthur flour lots of great information.

I headed down back to see if we had any blackberries left, we know the bears have been in it from all the bushes laid down. I got a few to put in fruit salad this week.

I had lots of tomatoes so I made yet another batch of sauce. We had some for dinner tonight and I froze the rest. 

I have been having a few stomach issues and have found that a little of this each night before bed has helped a lot. And tart cherry helps you sleep another one of my issues.
I have lost 20 lbs but it has taken me 5 months to do it. My sweet friend said that it is good so it will stay off. I hope she is right. No big diet just staying away from carbs and snacks.

We purchased new area rugs for the formal dinning room and living room. I have no idea what we were thinking getting such a light color but it's good for now. Now if I can convince husband to purchase 2 new chairs.

I spent a little time last night finishing a book I was reading and listening to the peepers our evening are cool and wonderful now.
I know I told you I was trying a new hair dresser well she is amazing! she has made my hair look better than it has in years. A change was just what I needed. 
My daughter the teacher and sweet B go back to school this week.
Summer goes so fast but they had lots of fun and now onto second grade for B I have no idea how that happened.
Have a great week!


yaya said...

20lbs is wonderful! Congrats! Summer is going quickly and even though we had a few days of cool and nice, it's back to hot and humid this week. I'm ready for Fall! School starts in Ashland tomorrow although some of the surrounding schools started last week. I hope Miss B has a great school year! Enjoy your nice weather and send it my way!

Prims By The Water said...

The weekend flew by! I would never be able to have light colored rugs...and hopefully you will be able to get your new chairs soon now. Back to work tomorrow. Janice

Saundra said...

Wow, I'll have to check out that tart cherry because it is also been known to help with pain. Thanks for the post and congrats on the loss of weight and healthier eating.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Those mushrooms are just beautiful!! Great color inspiration!!! The cake and berries look so yummy and so do the tomatoes!!! I love fresh fruit and veggies!! Congrats on losing those 20 lbs! It feels so good when you accomplish a goal! I've lost 35 since last year and am so happy I did and would like to lose a bit more, but am just taking my time!!
Hope you have a great week!
Heart Hugs~

moosecraft said...

Yum! That tart cherry stuff is delicious! Another I like is Northland Cranberry & Tart Cherry juice in the morning. It seems that Summer went too fast...but, I think I'm ready for the cooler days of Autumn. Congrats on losing 20lbs! Stay healthy and be happy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Such amazing photos of beauty , yumminess and lovely spaces, 20 pounds, good for you,,

WoolenSails said...

I have noticed a lot of mushrooms this year, too. And they are bigger, I guess they love the humidity.
I can't eat desserts and junk food, so that helps keep the weight down, slower is better.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats on your weight loss. Losing slowly is good. I agree with your friend. If you lose it too fast it seems to return even faster!
My grandson starts school next Tuesday. 8th grade for him. WTH???