Monday, September 4, 2017

The Ocean Is Calling

I made this sign. My friend gave me the starfish then I glued 
an old hook I had and some sea glass I found while on Star Island last year. Paint on some letters bingo you have a sign which I will be able to add my sea glass to in the future.

I started a new rug. It is a pattern I have had a while and as you
can guess it is a Deanne pattern. I will take this to work on when I go to Star Island again for my hooking retreat! We are sneaking out a day early because we love it so much there. Can't wait!!!

We went to a family wedding on Sunday. This is my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband (Miss B's parents) and of course my handsome amazing husband.
And this is a picture of the bride and groom. she is such a beautiful
girl and her new husband is handsome too so they make a wonderful couple.
So that catches you up on what I have been doing. A little reading a little walking, a lot of working. I am more than ready for my week off.
Have a great week everyone!


Rugs and Pugs said...

What a cool sign you made! So happy you are able to sneak out a day early. Bring back lots to share.
What a great family picture :)
Yes, she is a beautiful bride.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Yes, what a cool sign... I love that you used sea glass as well. A neat idea. Great photos of your beautiful family and the married couple... Wishing you lots of fun at the retreat, and the newly wed, a long and happy life together.
Hugs, Julia

Judy said...

I love, love, love that sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope Irma doesn't spoil your plans.

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Have a wonderful time at Star Island. I am thinking I may have to go next year -- I here such wonderful things about it. Belated thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband had a stem cell transplant, which I think is a little easier than a bone marrow transplant. He is doing well so far. Looking forward to seeing photos of Star Island. Sarah

yaya said...

Fun sign you made! Love it! Such a nice family pic too....good looking, all of you! Enjoy your trip...Star Island..just the name sounds so cool!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hello Dear Friend
It was so nice visiting you on here today. I have so missed catching up with you on here and through emails.
I have not had internet for a long time now so it was too hard trying to use my phone. Now today I signed up with my phone service for a hotspot. Hopefully it will work out so I can catch up with my blogging buddies now and then.
Beautiful pics except I did not see My darling MissB. I know she is not little anymore. I will come back and go through older post to catch a picture or two of her.
Hope your well. Summer probably flew by for you and now fall. Are your trees already beautiful. You know I still want to see them in the fall.
I haven't decided if I will start writing on my blog again. Not even sure I would know how to do a post. lol but I can visit friends that I have missed.

518frenchgirl said...

Hi Cathy, I found your blog!! I love the birdhouse shovel, it looks great on my patio with the pumpkins. It was so great to meet you, many fond memories of time spent hooking and laughing. We are heading to North Conway for 10 days to camp and go to the Fryeburg Fair. A break in this hot weather is coming soon. It will be good hooking weather again soon. Take Care, Marilou