Monday, June 5, 2017

Rain Rain and A Wedding

We have had more rain than we need and the sun 
is a rare thing round here. But last Thur out it came in the afternoon.

I met up with my sweet friend Cathy and we went to a spa 
event under the tent next to the lake. (these are her pictures) We went to dinner and a walk, just perfect.

 This weekend we headed for Old Cape Cod.
For my nephew's wedding.

It was a lovely low key wedding and it was nice
to see family again.
We didn't see much of the sun but the cape is beautiful anyway.
Not much time to wander around.
I do not like the ride to the cape,so much traffic and 3 hours in the car not my idea of fun. One really nice thing that happened on the way home the car in front of us paid for our toll. It was only 1.00 but it made our day.
So we are home all snug it is raining again
and low 50's but still happy to be here.
 Back to work tomorrow.


Judy said...

How nice of those people on the toll road! I have only been to the Cape once--way out to Provincetown and back. We took two days, and boy, I loved it. Traffic was a lot, but this was back in 1970. I can only imagine what it's like nowadays.

Farm Girl said...

How nice that you got to see family. I hope your rain stops soon.
I am not a fan of long car rides either.
How nice of that person to pay the toll for you. I bet it did make your day.
Have a wonderful week. I hope the sun shines for you.

WoolenSails said...

This rain is getting old, lol. Makes it hard to get things done outside and I need to start cleaning and packing the trailer, but looks like the end of the week is much better. Of course i will be complaining about the heat soon;) Looks like a nice wedding and that ride can be a pain, I prefer back roads when I can. With the trailer we stick to the main ones, so we may take an extra day and stop on the way, so we don't have such a long drive.


Julia said...

It's great when someone pays it forward and even a dollar can make your day. I'm so glad that you treated yourself to a spa and had time to be with your friend.

It's been raining on and off for some time now. I work in between sunshine and rain. Work inside when it rain and outdoors when the sun shine. Lots of mosquitos. Thank goodness for mosquito spray or I'd be eaten alive.

Wishing a long happy life together to the newly wed.

Smiles & hugs

Rugs and Pugs said...

One of these days I will make it to the Cape!!!
We are cool again today, but I wish we'd get a bit of your rain. Wanted to do some yard work but too chilly for me. I'm such a wuss. Hopefully your weather will improve soon.
Hugs :)

Prims By The Water said...

Congrats to the bride and groom. Cool this evening, with no rain. Never been to the Cape, but it looks wonderful. Janice

moosecraft said...

I love low key weddings! They are so peaceful and more focused on the union of two people and the support of their family and friends... which is what a wedding is all about, right? Best of everything to the newlyweds! :-)