Sunday, April 30, 2017


Little pansy faces...

As you can see things are pretty bare
but things are popping!

Sunny sweet faces...

We have many ups and downs as far as weather.
From 80's to 40's but things are getting green.

And sweet smelling.


I bought some wool lately why I am not sure why as I am
hooking very little right now.

My daughter got this at a yard sale for 50 cents it is Susan Branch's newest one and only a year old.

And I found this sweet little book.

The pages are pictures of felted wool so sweet. 
I hope you are all enjoying spring I have heard of snow in the west 
brrr no thank you.


yaya said...

Hopefully your Spring is here to stay! We're about done with lilacs and I'll be heading over to the greenhouse for some plantings to brighten up the yard. It was 82 today but will only be 50 tomorrow! Looks like a cool, wet week for us so I hope yours is much better! I say keep the snow out west in the mountains!

WoolenSails said...

I love how all the flowers and trees are blooming and it just made me feel happy as we were driving around.
What a great find and I love the felted pages.


Julia said...

Your post is full of hope and beauty. Some of my early spring flowers are also blooming like yours. Some barely made it but they are very defiant of a harsh winter. Your new wool is also full of hope that some day you'll hook something.

You got some nice books for very little investment and that is smart.
The grass is turning green already and soon we'll be picking d. fiddleheads. Yumm...
Enjoy the new week.

Saundra said...

Spring is popping up all over your yard and a welcome sight to be sure. Hey, anytime is a good time to buy more wool.

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you have spring popping up all around you. I love that book. I think that its always a great day to buy wool. I listened to that man who wrote that book you were reading about that guy being in the woods for 27 years. What a story, I have requested that book from the library. I hope to read it soon.
Have a lovely week.