Monday, May 8, 2017

cold, Rainy, gloomy

Yes that is snow on the mountains! this picture was taken today.

But for some reason things are still blooming this is much prettier than this picture.

Since I have had greenhouse withdrawal I went to just walk around
(still to cold to plant outside) and treated myself to this topiary.
And a very sweet bee.
My rug hooking buddy made me this, I failed to show it last time.
Yes that is a wine cork! 

On Mondays my treat to myself is a lemon poppy seed muffin
with a nice hot cup of coffee when I get settled at work.
So today I notice that there are calories listed.
What! why is the cheese danish 150 calories less than a muffin that has no streusel topping or frosting of any kind on it.Muffin plain and simple. 
So I bought the danish thinking I would love it, but I really wanted the muffin
 I am just baffled by that.
We are in the rain for the rest of the week with a stronger storm coming in this weekend. So I am home reading.
I just finished reading her newest I didn't care for it. 
What are you reading??


Saundra said...

I am also baffled by the "eat this not that". Sometimes we just need to get our food desires met.

WoolenSails said...

I am tired of the cool dismal weather lately, but at least we get bits of sun.
And when it is nice, it is too windy, can't win, lol.


yaya said...

Unfortunately, not reading anything memorable at the moment! We had the rain last week and it was chilly too! Last night it was 35 and frost. Yep, I'm not planting anything yet either. Hope you get a peek of sun soon! Maybe that muffin had more fiber and good things even though it was a bit more calories! Anyway, life's a muffin!

Prims By The Water said...

Snow??? It almost feels like it is gonna snow over here in Michigan. We had frost yesterday morning, and it looks like again this morning. Where did Spring go? Janice

Farm Girl said...

Our weather is all over the place. I would prefer gloomy and cold I think. We did have snow on Sunday and today it will be almost 90.
I love your danish. What a nice treat.
Since you asked, I picked up a book at the library called Cities of Gold; A Journey Across the American Southwest in Pursuit of Coronado by Douglas Preston.
The guy rode on horseback in 1989. While not edge of my seat, it was very interesting and gave tons of history that I never knew. He has another book I have on hold. He went to the fabled lost city of the Monkey King. All the cold weather makes me want to go explore. Have a great week.

Judy said...

We had 32 degrees and frost last night--May the 8th. Ridiculous!!
I so want to plant my seeds and buy a few annuals for my porch.
Usually can do that around Mother's Day here, now I'm thinking, maybe next weekend?

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope your weather is improving. We had warmer temps in the winter. It is getting a little warmer and the sun is shining! Finally.
I hate seeing calorie count, but it will cause me not to eat something.. It's amazing how many calories are in things---argh!
Hugs 😊