Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Weather Or Not...

A quiche was in order after blowing out a dozen eggs so 
Miss B could do this...

She came over and dyed lots of easter eggs

With sparkles, stickers, and all sorts of fun stuff.. 
So fun having her here and she helped me put out all of my Easter decorations so I am all set for our big family Easter, and her sleep over the night before! I love having them here.

My horoscope, I have plans to go to a rug hooking retreat but 

yes more snow in the forecast 8-10 inches starting Friday the day I was leaving.
Will this winter ever end?


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, I hope you can make it to hooking!!! Maybe the weather guessers will be wrong.
Another prophetic horoscope. Kind of creepy.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

I can't believe this weather, we may have a few flurries, but I just want warm at this point.
Those eggs are so cute and a fun activity to do with Miss B.


Mugwump Woolies said...

Adorable eggs! Hope the snow holds off so you can get to hooking. Spring is out there somewhere!

Julia said...

How fun indeed to be painting eggs with Miss B. I love that green eggs with the big smile and curly hair. I used to paint eggs with the kids and grandkids when they were small, a pastime I always enjoyed. It's time to get my bunnies out for Easter.
Your quiche looks so yummy.
We're expecting that kind of weather also. I hope that you can get away safely. Sometimes those horoscopes are right on.
Stay safe my friend, Hugs

Julia said...

Im not sure if my first comment went through so I'll try again. I think I forgot to click Publish.
That quiche looks so yummy and I love that green smily egg with curly hair. Miss B. sure did a great job. I used to paint eggs with the kids and grandkids. It was so much fun.
We're supposed to get the same kind of weather as you. I sure hope you can make it to your hooking retreat safely. I think it really time for Mr Winter to go away.

Stay safe my dear friend.

Farm Girl said...

I am so sorry about that much snow. How fun to have Easter eggs to color. My grands will be here next week so maybe we can do that too.
I got over my mental block on rug hooking. I finished one project and have made a great start on the other one. I think it was your horoscope. :)
I also said to myself, I am going back to my wide width cuts. Forget that fiddly stuff. Now I am happier with hooking again.
I hope you have a lovely day, in spite of all of that snow.

yaya said...

NOOO!! Not snow again! I'm so sorry that your winter refuses to budge...darn Mother Nature! I hope when it's finally done with you that Spring will give you the best weather ever. I would hate to see your Easter celebration be spoiled after all the preparations. Miss B did a fabulous job there with the eggs. I love Easter and enjoy having all the family over too. I also hope you get to your hooking event. Good luck and drive safe!

Saundra said...

OMG I sure do LOVE quiche!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you can get 'outa dodge' before too much snow accumulates and perhaps you'll be stuck at a wonderful rug camp for a day longer. Ahhh, sounds like heaven to me.

Prims By The Water said...

I hope you make it to your hook in. I am so sick of snow.Weare suppose to get some more in the morning, YUCK. Janice

moosecraft said...

Yes... I'm over the "snow is so pretty" thing too... winter be gone... it's time for Spring! :-) At least you have smiley Miss B and all of her colorful egg creativity to brighten your days! :-)