Sunday, January 10, 2016

White Mountain Woolen Magic Guild

I am very sorry to say I do not get to my guild meetings as much as I would like to but I did get to this month's meeting. It is a very active guild and they try to have a good program each month this one was working with water colors and learning to mixing colors....

This would be my masterpiece! We purchased kits that contained all we would need. The teacher was funny and I really enjoyed the class. 

But this was the woman who sat next to me. Her painting just makes 
mine look even worse. 

And as you can see painting is hard work and people got thirsty.

I have an atha book and the newest rug hooking book to read. 
I truly haven't been doing much in the way of hooking. I started the bunny rug and have not had the incentive to do more.
It has rained very hard all day with the wind blowing.
The lights have flickered but thank goodness we still have power.
Because tonight is....

How I loved Downton Abbey last week and I am looking forward to it this week.
I even watched it a second time on line.  I will be so sad when this season is over. 
Have a great week everyone!


Saundra said...

What are you fussing about? Yours is wonderful and wouldn't want to be sitting beside you!!! I love wine and have thought about hooking a rug referencing wine. I've seen some cool wine labels but also would like to have a wine glass in the rug too. Now where is my sketch pad?

yaya said...

I think your painting is great! I hate to think how I would manage one! A few gals at work went to a wine and painting class and I think another is coming soon. I don't drink, but I might just do the painting part and perhaps I'll blog about it if it doesn't look too crazy! Winter has arrived today with blowing, snowing and was nice while the mild temps lasted! I'm looking forward to Downton tonight too! So fun!

Julia said...

I think your water color looks great... It's not easy. All you need is practice. You should have drank the wine before painting to relax your brush strokes, lol... I'd love to have water color lessons.

I looked at the store for a copy of Rug Hooking magazine today but there was non on the shelf. My Rug Hooking Daily friend, Kay hooked that owl on the cover and I so wanted to get a copy. She an amazing rug hooking artist.

We're waiting for the rain and the freeze. Stay safe and warm.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I, too, think your water color is wonderful. Much better than I could ever do.
Sadly, winter has arrived in Ohio, but at least it's almost the middle of January!
Pick up that hook and get busy.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

Looks good to me. What a fun guild to be a part of. The rain hasn't started here yet but the wind is picking up strong. As long as the power stays on until Downton is over

WoolenSails said...

We always think our work is bad compared to others, lol.
That looks like a fun class, I have watercolors and I need to make time to just play and see what I come up with.