Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Walk In The Woods

I have been trying to learn how to needle punch. I bought this pattern before Christmas now he is not great but he is done and I am moving on to another piece.  Maybe he is a good luck charm not a flake from that huge snow storm!

My sweet friend and I met up on both Sat and Sunday for a walk in the woods. Hiking boots no snow shoes, it was sunny and beautiful and we were the only two in the woods very quiet. 

It comes out to a beautiful view that we hiked several times in the summer and fall. Very different in the winter but still breath taking.

You over look 3 lakes and mountains upon mountains.

Post card perfect sigh....

A little place where the run off goes by is frozen and looks like glass. If we were really still you could hear it under the ice gurgling down the mountain.

We also hiked into Squam (aka ON Golden Pond) we haven't had enough cold for the ice to be safe on the lakes so it was very quiet no bob houses for fishing or snowmobiles.

Where the snow has blown off the lake around the shore. It was good to get the fresh air, be with my sweet friend, and get some exercise. 

This week I also got to see my sweet B in her dance class.
It was like seeing her mother all over again. My daughter danced until she graduated from high school.

I also took a class a class with my daughter in the red and her mother in law on how to make mittens from old sweaters.
I really enjoyed the class and it was fun with some laughs.

Not much hooking was done, I read, a lot. One of the reviews on this book was you get a book hangover when it is finished. It is true I really didn't want it to end.
Welcome to my new followers I am always humbled when someone chooses to follow my blog.
I was also asked a question by one of the new followers but you have a no reply email so I could not get back to you sorry.


Nellie said...

Miss B is the cutest! Good thing that monster storm missed you - looks like you have some snow anyway! -xoNellie

Judy said...

What a lovely weekend. I do love walks in the woods, but too difficult, for me, this time of year. Oh my! Miss B is getting was too tall and grown-up!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your gaining followers? Lucky you. I'm just losing them :(
Great pictures from your walk!
Love the pic of Miss B in her dance attire.
I'm happy the storm missed you, too.
Hugs :)

Theresa F said...

Love your snowman. Great job!

Kim said...

Yay! We didn't get a snowflake either. seems strange, we rarely get missed. Mother Nature must be trying to balance up after last year. Lol

Julia said...

I'm so glad the storm missed you. What a beautiful paradise you go hiking through. It'd so beautiful and pristine. That little Miss B. looks so grownup.
My mother made quick mittens from old sweaters when I was a kid. Nothing went to waste with her and she never used a pattern.

Have a great new week.

WoolenSails said...

Your snowman is so fun, just a few flubs. That happens to me all the time, from punching too close and hitting the loops next to it. Just angle slightly away from the row you are working on, that will help. Beautiful place to walk, though I am too lazy to go out in the cold. Mrs. B looks so cute in her dance outfit.


Saundra said...

I think your snowman ROCKS!!!! Miss B sure is blossoming into a nice young lady. As for followers...i've lost a few but gained one during the snow storm. And it is wonderful to have a new follower instead of losing one. Stay warm.

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Cathy, love your punch needle snow folk, so sweet, I think you did great...... The hike looks so beautiful, love the scenery....Miss B looks adorable, growing up so fast.... Blessings Francine.

Gayle said...

The title of your post made me chuckle when I read it, because hubby & I rented and watched the movie of the same name over the weekend! LOL Looks like you had a lovely outing! Thanks for the book recommendation - I've added it to my very long list!

Sweet Tea said...

Your weekend was "picture perfect" - so much pretty in your area.
Glad you're enjoying the snow!

yaya said...

Your area is so beautiful and I'm glad you were spared the snowfall! Love those mittens..sounds like a fun class. My email won't let anyone comment from my blog. I feel bad when I see all those refusal notices and hopefully I'll figure out how to get them one day. So if you've ever asked me a question and I haven't replied, that why! Have a good week!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Love your little snowman! The mittens are fun. Looks like you are enjoying winter. Sarah

Lil Raggedy Angie said...

I think your snowman turned out cute for a first try , I hope to try myself this year. Love the view on your hike , just breath taking . Have a great week ~ Angela

Tolentreasures said...

Beautiful pictures! Isn't it fun to watch grandchildren that remind you so much of their parents? Thank you for the book recommendation, I am always looking for a good book to read, lately I seem to get junk and never finish them!


Maureen said...

Wonderful snowman!! I couldn't turn my first attempt at needle punch into anything completed so I am impressed. Such a lovely post :)

Three Sheep Studio said...

Your snowman is just wonderful and looks great in his red wooly britches !!
Love the beautiful outdoor pics.

Iris Nafziger said...

Oh! What a gorgeous walk!! Beautiful!!! And I love the mittens! I have a stack of almost 30 sweaters I keep telling myself will make perfect mittens. But, I've yet to try. You've reminded me, now I a good time to pull those out!!!

Darlene said...

I love your little snow person! He has a lot of personality.
Beautiful photos of the snow....: not that I miss it!
Thanks for sharing.