Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

I have adopted this as my New Year's resolution. 

We stayed in New Year's eve I hooked a bit and we watched a movie. This is the dawn of the new year...

And this would be the evening of the new year yuck.
We were very spoiled with the amazing warm December.

We got up made a huge breakfast and then I started weeding out my closet. I have been doing major weeding out, I am not sure what gave me the energy but it feels so good when it is done. And it has been years since It has been this cleaned out. I have carted car loads of discards to the dump and the thrifts in the past couple of months. I am saving my wool room for last and I will be weeding it out.
I plan on making bundles to sell very reasonable. I have more wool than I will ever hook in this life time. 

And on Jan 2nd we went to this cutie's birthday party..

Her mother who put the "$" in frugal bought a Halloween witch that was marked way down and filled it with 1/2 price Christmas candy.
We called it the birthday witch that you had to beat up so she didn't steal your gifts;) The two grandfathers offered to be in the line of fire. Well it ended up being one tough witch and Daddy had to make the starter hole. The kids loved it and didn't care what it was only that it was filled with candy.

She got lots of lovely gifts and Pepe was happy to go fishing with her.

It has been a very good holiday season and I am looking forward to getting back to my rug hooking guild and maybe take a class or two. 
I have been taking a free online class on Monday's and it really is a chance to get to know yourself. And to learn to journal daily which I do anyway. I believe nothing good can come to you if you are not truly grateful for what you have now. No matter who you are you have something to be grateful for. The one thing I do a lot is say "I will do that when I retire" Retirement is still several years away.The class has shown we that there are ways to not put off life and the things I really want to do, I can in different ways and still be happy about it.
So what are your New Year resolutions?
P.s. Don't for Downton Abbey tonight!!!!!


Rugs and Pugs said...

I think most hookers have more wool than they can use in a lifetime! I know I do.
Please send some purging mojo to Ohio. I need it.
Happy, happy belated birthday to Miss B
Hugs :)

Kim said...

I tried to de-clutter a bit this week. The house looks a little better. Miss B looks fine in her birthday crown. I'm just getting ready for Downton too

Primitive Stars said...

Evening, good for you weeding out, I have been doing it through last year, decluttering. Miss B is such a doll, growing up so fast.... All the Best in the New Year,Francine.

WoolenSails said...

I seriously have a ton of wool, but I will use it, lol.
My first goal will be to pull out he scrap pieces and make some hit and miss chair pads.
Miss B is so cute and looks like she had fun for her birthday.
I am writing a journal now, just my thoughts and feelings and insights, a good way to get it all out.


moosecraft said...

Your daughter is one creatively brilliant gal! Love the "witch stealing presents" pinata idea!!! :-) Good luck with the purging! It is worth every effort. And yes, today is always a good day to enjoy something that makes you happy! Happy Birthday to Miss B!

Saundra said...

I also need to purge and hope you will be the inspiration needed to prod me. OH,love your new years resolution statement!

Julia said...

I love your New Year 's Resolutions sign.
Happy Birthday to Miss B. What a great idea with the witch. It looks like a great party with all the men in her life...

It's snowing yet again here too. Yuck indeed.
I've tried decluttering but I keep bringing other stuff to take it's place. Clutter is an incurable disease.


Lil Raggedy Angie said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Miss B ! Purging mojo ...sigh ...I think all of us "creative types " wish we had more of that . lol ...Wool I have NONE but Fabric ...that's another story lol Wishing you a wonderful evening ...hugs Angela

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Gosh I have missed coming by here and so glad I did tonight. Miss B is so adorable and I hope she had a very Happy Birthday. She is growing up fast.
Funny you wrote about cleaning out your closet because I have for the last two months talked about it but never got around to doing more than a handful of clothes to give to Goodwill then last night I hear this loud funny noise and one side of my clothes closet rack fell down. Clothes everywhere now! What a mess but that's what I get for putting off getting rid of things I have not worn in several years.
Just thinking of you and wanted to come by and wish you a very Happy New Year!
I keep wanting to get back in to writing on my blog and visiting my friends I just pray I do this year new year I have been given.

yaya said...

I loved Downton this past Sunday. So glad it's back on. I have so many projects to accomplish this year....just getting started is the key I guess. Happy Birthday to Miss B! Looks like it was a great party! Have a good week!